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Caught in a trap

President Bush has been backed into a corner and has no one to blame but himself. Support in this country for getting rid of Saddam Hussein fades with each passing day, even while the...

NFC Championship

"I think they were overconfident, with all the hype about Tampa Bay not winning in the cold and the Eagles." Andre Brown, 2800 block Winton Street "I feel they were overconfident. They played not to...

Hot off the wire

Periodically I will share some inside journalistic scoops I have uncovered in the twilight of my mediocre career. Resemblance to real persons or situations is merely coincidental. Eagles coach wins Wing Bowl Andy Reid added the...

NFC Championship Game

"24-10, Eagles, and they'll play the Raiders." Bobby Jackson, 1700 block S. Colorado Street "24-17, Eagles, and I'll say Tennessee." Nicole Jackson, 1700 block S. Colorado Street "24-10, Eagles, and I think they'll play the Raiders." William...


Philadelphia is not a place for people who believe in happy endings. There are times this season, like when the Eagles won six in a row -- five without their starting quarterback -- that...

Key for Eagles

"I think McNabb has to be red-hot for them to win." Jimmy Whalin, 800 block S. Sydenham Street "To me, the key is the defense. I think the defense is great." Mike Fuscellaro, 2600 block S....

Small hopes

It is customary to wish everybody peace and happiness in the new year. Of course I wish those good things for you, good reader, but let's face it, I can't pretend to have much...

Human cloning

"For medical purposes, I would agree 100 percent, but if they do it from a person with criminal behavior, it would be a bad idea." Edna Quarles, 24th Street and Passyunk Avenue "I don't agree...

The holidays

I have always felt you can tell the difference between those people who truly love the holidays and those who just go through the motions by when they take their tree down. But then,...

Big stories of 2003

"War with Iraq, and the Eagles will win the Super Bowl." Karen Cohen, 2500 block S. Broad Street "I'm going to say war with Iraq." Jennifer Crimmins, 2600 block S. Carlisle Street "The Pope will die and...
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