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Letter to the Editor: Fix our aging schools

In her letter to the editor last week ("Fix the crumbling schools," Dec. 8), J. R. Masterman School senior Queenie Chen asks the same question I posed at the end of the year-and-a-half lockdown...

Letter to the Editor: Harris doing a good job

I am a high school senior at J.R. Masterman hailing from the Point Breeze neighborhood, and a constituent of Rep. Jordan Harris. While I appreciate much of the work he has done so far...

Cardella: What, Me Worry?

I have a confession. I’m a worrywart. According to the dictionary, that means I exist in a constantly uneasy state of mind. I always expect the worst. A worrywart is not some kind of...

Letter to the Editor: Happy Holidays on East Passyunk

It gave me great pleasure to read Mark Zimmaro's report on holiday plans for my beloved, lifelong neighborhood ("Holiday cheer on East Passyunk Ave.," Dec. 1). I especially want to give a high five...

Letter to the Editor: Fix the crumbling schools

I became a part of the School District of Philadelphia system when I entered Masterman in fifth grade, and I have experienced my fair share of frustrations with the district throughout the years. Our...

Letter to the Editor: Johnson completely wrong on violence

As horrific as the gun violence and other non-gun-related violence has become, I find Councilman Johnson's op-ed article in the Dec. 1 issue just as disturbing and, quite frankly, stupid. In his article, Philadelphia's gun...

Letter to the Editor: A way to slow down gun violence

Urban Navigation is a community organization developed to help slow down our city of Philadelphia’s gun violence. The methods served are for the youth to build successful and productive violence-free lives. We connect with...

Cardella: The Beatles Mystique

I’m not unique in my fascination with the Beatles. I’m not even what any self-respecting Beatles fan would call a true Beatlemaniac. I’ve never read a book about them. Am not an avatar of...

Letter to the Editor: Grateful for Fiedler’s support of public education

As a resident of South Philadelphia (184th Legislative District) and a member of the School District of Philadelphia, I asked Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler to sponsor a bill that would increase funding for all public...

Letter to the Editor: Volunteers make a difference

As an independent, widowed senior from South Philly, I was very moved by Mark Zimmaro's report on the work of the volunteer group Caring for Friends to provide food and personal care for elderly...
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