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Columbus Unbound (Or Unboxed)

The gray sky looks down upon the statue of Christopher Columbus. A light misty rain has turned to sleet. Marconi Plaza is deserted like a town left high and dry after the gold rush....

The Streets of Philadelphia

City Council passed its mid-year budget last week. It’s different this fiscal year. Philadelphia found itself sitting on an unprecedented surplus. The mayor reportedly struggled figuring out how to spend it. Let those two...

Letters to the Editor

Why I’m thankful for cyber education During Thanksgiving and the holiday season, I like to take time to reflect on the things in my life that I am grateful for. And this year, I want...

The Krasner Travesty

This is not a defense of Larry Krasner. The embattled Philadelphia district attorney has been impeached by the Republican-dominated Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Every Republican but one voted to impeach and not a single...

The Difference Between Yams and Sweet Potatoes

Thanksgiving dinner was always a time for heated discussion in our family. We debated the merits of serving a pasta dish before the turkey. We always wound up serving pasta because that’s what we...

November Celebrations

The month of November is best known for Thanksgiving, but here are some other November celebrations you should know about. You likely missed National Cook for Your Pets Day on Nov. 1. Fran and I...

Chicooch and the Iron Man

I have a friend who has told me that if I didn’t have medical problems, I wouldn’t have a column. He has a point. Have you noticed that, lately, my columns are a little more...

What Fetterman Should’ve Said

Let’s stipulate right from the beginning. John Fetterman’s campaign screwed up big time. After Fetterman suffered a stroke, he had only one choice. His campaign had to be totally transparent. That means releasing his...

Who Wants Pasta Made In Iowa?

Pardon me, but I’m feeling betrayed. I just found out that Barilla pasta is not made in Italy. And that a good deal of the durham wheat that it’s made from comes from countries...

House GOP inaction on guns costing lives

By State Rep. Regina Young As a mother of children who attend public schools and travel by three modes of transportation, as a wife of a black man who also travels throughout the city for...
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