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Cardella: Bay windows and things

There’s a new dirty word in Philadelphia — “gentrification.” The internet dictionary defines gentrification as “the process of renovating and improving a district so that it conforms to middle class taste.” Sounds innocent enough,...

Cardella: Spring Multiple Choice

1-A Princeton physicist and climate change denier compared the “demonization” of carbon dioxide to— a) Billy Joel playing three encores of PIANO MAN b) The demonization of poor Jews under Hitler c) The Mueller...

Op-Ed: Then and Now – Evolution of a Great School

By Gloria C. Endres South Philly Resident  Little over a decade ago, I submitted an op-ed to the Philadelphia Daily News: "The Golden Girls of Saint Maria Goretti." I wrote "golden" to indicate that the class...

Cardella: Save us from the true believers

We are caught in the middle of the abortion debate between extremists on both sides. In recent weeks, we’ve learned a valuable lesson. We can’t leave the abortion debate to those who shout the...

Cardella: The Homeopathic Blues

I was distressed as I read a recent report in the New York Times about generic drugs. According to the Times’ investigative piece, many generic drugs are made in India under appalling conditions. If...

Bradley: Candidates deserve fair shake from media

By Michael C. Bradley On May 16, the Philadelphia Gay News released its endorsements for the upcoming elections. Editor and owner Mark Segal prefaced his endorsements by stating that PGN does “not endorse based solely...

Cardella: Clarification

Can we get a few things straight here? Ours is a world that can do with a little clarification. For example: Can we all agree that the word “cuisine” is overused? If the highlight...

Op-Ed: The stimulus for Literacy and College Admission – Latin

By Gloria C. Endres South Philly Resident  By now everyone has learned the shocking story of how over 50 people, including millionaire celebrities, were arrested for various cheating schemes to gain entrance for their children into...

Cardella: The New Home Economics Textbook

(Many of you have seen a purported excerpt from a 1950s Home Economics textbook meant to help prepare high school girls for marriage. Well, I’ve taken it upon myself to issue a much-needed, updated...

Cardella: A showerhead named Christine

I’m getting used to a new shower in our apartment. Specifically, the lack of faucets for hot and cold water. I’m finding out that progress isn’t always pretty. It used to be that you...
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