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Cardellla: In the Dark

He was watching the morning news. The president was leaving for Kenosha. And then suddenly his mind flashed back and he was back in his parents’ living room. It was dark. His father had...

Cardella: Mind Your Own Bee’s Wax

This week features a guest column by my daughter — Lauren Cardella Nunnelee. Mind your own bee’s wax. This was something we said to other kids on the playground, at recess and to our annoying...

Mayor Kenney and Superintendent Hite: First Day of School Assignment: Help All Students #LogOnPHL

Today is the first day for Philadelphia’s public schools and it is certainly unlike any other in our lifetime. While we won’t see young people boarding a bus or walking to school, full of...

Cardella: Revisiting Famous Quotations

It’s time we update well-known quotations to reflect life today. And without the slightest bit of humility or apologies to Ben Franklin, here’s my take —  1-A penny saved is not much. 2-A mind is a...

Cardella: Is It Me or Is It Hot?

Uncle Nunzi has his own ways to beat the heat. He insists that air conditioning bothers his “arthur--itis,” so he has to be creative. Uncle strategically places a large pitcher filled with ice in...

Cardella: Notes From a Time Capsule

The year is 2120. A ceremony is being held in FDR Park. Several South Philadelphians among the attendees still call this place “The Lakes.” The rest scratch their heads and wonder why. There is...

Cancer during COVID-19: The ticking time bomb 

By Dr. Pat Basu COVID-19’s impact goes far beyond the illness itself. Our lives have changed drastically in an effort to get the virus under control and ultimately “flatten the curve.” However, there is yet...

Cardella: Common Sense

Can we talk? I understand that you might be busy trying to figure out what the hell to do with the Rizzo statue, now that you’ve won the battle to get it back. Well,...

Cardella: Redeeming Ourselves

People are either prejudiced or they’re not, right? I say, “Wrong.” Human beings aren’t that easily categorized. It’s more complicated than that. Whether a person is biased or not is not a binary choice....

Cardella: Policing the Police

As the proud son of a decorated police officer, I used to contribute to the Fraternal Order of Police in dad’s memory. Now when they call, I politely hang up. The FOP under the...
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