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Cardella: When politics Trumps ethnic pride

During the 2016 presidential campaign, a friend of mine whom I hadn’t seen in ages ran up to me in the local supermarket. She seemed excited to see me, but not for the reason...

Cardella: History according to Trump

What if our president took it upon himself in an interview to comment on the most important events in history on Fox News? Here’s what it might sound like: The Creation of the World — “Really...

Council leadership: Philly, we can drive down COVID-19 cases

By Darrell L. Clarke, Cherelle Parker, Curtis Jones Jr. and Mark Squilla Every day, we hear new numbers. One day, it is 314. The next day, it is 224. Every number is a real person...

Cardella: What’s up?

I’ll tell you what’s up. April is almost over. Finally. We got a lot of rain in April. What do you expect? It’s April. But regarding the rain, I’m speaking figuratively. COVID-19 has rained...

Cardella: Will Trump leave?

Is it possible that if Donald Trump loses his bid for re-election, he’ll refuse to leave office? The short answer is yes. This is not some silly scenario dreamed up by the liberal media....

Cardella: What else happened on April 15?

(This may seem like the worst of times, but let’s look back on what else has happened on this date in history). 1250—Pope Innocent III refuses the Jews of Cordova, Spain their request to build...

An Open Letter from Mayor Jim Kenney

By Jim Kenney Fellow Philadelphians: Every year since 2016 I’ve been thrilled to take part in Philly Free Streets as thousands of residents from every neighborhood came out to walk, bike, roll, and play after we...

Cardella: The Other Lost Easter

I was just a kid when I learned the meaning of the word “quarantine.” It all began innocently enough. I woke up one morning with a bad sore throat. It was early spring. As I...

Cardella: In search of Don Quixote

THE NEWSROOM (HBO) is one of my favorite TV series ever. Recently, I watched it again. I love the work of Aaron Sorkin and Jeff Daniels. Sorkin, who created and wrote THE WEST WING...

Cardella: Notes from a social distance

I sit here at my keyboard. The sun is streaming through the window opposite me in our Center City apartment. We live in a building not that far from a fire station. The sound...
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