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Cardella: Law and Order (South Philly style)

So, you’re moving into South Philly. Maybe you’re what they call this new generation — “millennials.”By: TOM CARDELLASo, you’re moving into South Philly. Maybe you’re what they call this new generation — “millennials.” Uncle Nunzi calls you crazy. He...

Cardella: Enemy of the People

Check out this quiz on the truly horrible effect a free press has had on this nation.By: Tom CardellaUncle Nunzi has begun addressing me as “Enemy of the People.”Sometimes he calls me “Enemy” for short. I’m not...

Cardella: To the Mayor

By Tom CardellaDear Mayor Kenney:It’s been a while since Fran and I saw you in the lounge at The Palm. Always enjoyed our brief chats. Those were the days, as they say. You were a councilman...

Cardella: How it Was

By Tom CardellaThe sour odor of male perspiration. That was the smell of summer in Philadelphia back then. Before the anti-perspirant companies began marketing products to men. Before most people had air conditioning. When we...

Cardella: Pressure

By Tom CardellaI got out of bed feeling really stressed out this morning. It’s the day after Helsinki or as I call it “Helstinky.” Poor Helsinki, Finland. A nice place, I hear. Green parks. Friendly...

Cardella: Guardians of Hope

By Tom CardellaThere’s an old song that haunts me sometimes. LONG AGO AND FAR AWAY. I was only 6 years old when it was written. Why this song? When it sneaks into my consciousness, it...

Cardella: Mixing Politics with Art

By Tom CardellaI’m trying like hell not to let politics invade my personal tastes in entertainment. My mother and her sisters abandoned Frank Sinatra when he left Nancy for Ava. I remained a Sinatra fan....

Cardella: An American Holiday

By Tom Cardella:Back in the day, July 4th really used to be something in our family. Grandpop was born on July 4th. We used to call it Independence Day. Maybe they still do, but...

Cardella: Pawns in Their Game

By Tom CardellaI understand that we live in a time when every issue is likely to divide us into two tribes — one for President Donald Trump, the other against him. I don’t like it, but I...

Cardella: Trumping History

By Tom Cardella(Whatever the event, Donald J. Trump makes it about HIMSELF. So, let’s imagine what he’d have said about THESE events if he’d been president when they happened…)CREATION: Supreme Being Trump declares that he...
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