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Cardella: Headlines

“Anthony Bourdain’s Cherished Knife And Writing Desk Among Items To Hit Auction”—How “cherished” is it when it’s up for auction? “Stephen King And It: Chapter Two Stars Offer Positive Clown Facts”—Excuse me, the only people...

Cardella: Fall Multiple Choice Test

1-President Trump declared that when it comes to religion, Democrats--      a)-think the Monkees’ song, I’M A BELIEVER, should be played at church services          b)-think Sunday brunch is a spiritual experience      c)-are not big believers      d)-steal from the collection...

Cardella: Football Sundays in South Philly

Many of us are lamenting the unofficial end of summer. But in South Philly, September means the return of football Sundays. We don’t need autumn leaves or pumpkin spice to mark the change of...

Cardella: Just So You Know

A lot of readers responded to my column MY TRUMP ADDICTION (6/26/19) with requests that I go away. Retire. Afraid not. Not gonna happen. I’m not going anyplace. Just so you know. Guessing these angry...

Cardella: Support Your Local Police

Downtown, we pride ourselves on supporting our police. People post slogans on their Facebook pages. Place signs in their windows. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL POLICE. After six cops were shot in Tioga, prayers were posted...

Cardella: I Married a Leftist

I swear that I’ve been duped. After 55 years of married life, I’ve discovered that all that time, my wife Fran has been manipulating me as if I were the Manchurian candidate. I’ve been...

Cardella: Let’s Go Glamping

I never attended summer camp as a kid. It’s not that my parents deprived me of the opportunity. I never showed any interest in camping. Never joined the Boy Scouts. The closest I came...

Cardella: The Last Straw

Until recently, I never thought much about straws. Except on one occasion when I was eating lunch with a dear friend. She normally has very tidy eating habits. Not on this one unfortunate day,...

Cardella: Where’s the socks?

Fran and I have a tradition. Once every summer, we go to PALM for the lobster special. As a bonus, we get to see Dennis. Dennis is the restaurant’s longtime waiter, a master at...

Cardella: The Get Back Policy

Get back, get back Get back to where you once belonged --John Lennon and Paul McCartney Your intrepid columnist has discovered that the Trump administration is getting ready to announce a sweeping new executive action that will...
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