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Cardella: The Year In Review

If you feel about this past year the way that I do, dear reader, you may question why anyone would want to relive 2019. Well, newspaper traditions being what they are, columnists are expected...

Cardella: The Medigan

I just watched THE IRISHMAN with my Uncle Nunzi. Uncle calls the movie THE MEDIGAN. “Medigan” is Italian slang for anyone who’s not Italian. Uncle Nunzi divides the world into two groups. Italians and...

Clean Air Council Exec. Director: South Philly residents deserve a voice in PES’s future

By Joseph Minott South Philadelphia residents and the general public have long been denied a voice in the investigation and remediation process for contamination at the Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery. In the wake of the...

Cardella: Remembrance of Things Past

This is a story about how fleeting fame can be. Or at least it started out that way. It begins with a card with notes attached sent to me by a friend named Joe....

Masterman seniors: Fielder is right on education, drugs and mass incarceration

When you think of Philadelphia, what might come to mind is It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and cheesesteaks, but some of the biggest problems that grip our city are much more concerning. These include...

Philadelphia’s Southwest Coalition endorses Nina Ahmad for state auditor general

Philadelphia’s Southwest Coalition on Monday endorsed Nina Ahmad for state auditor general in the Democratic primary. “To have earned the support of this powerful coalition of elected leaders in Philadelphia is both an honor and...

Letters to the Editor:

Again, many thanks to Grace Maiorano for another brilliant report highlighting the power of art to communicate understanding of other areas of study - especially science, {"American Swedish Museum explores climate change"}. Those of...

Cardella: Every Child Left Behind

This week features a guest column by Rob DeFeo. We don’t do guest columns, but I thought this was a topic best told by someone directly affected. Full disclosure — Rob is my cousin....

Cardella: Sean is Gone

Until now, I’ve avoided taking sides in the Sean Spicer-Dancing With The Stars controversy. Spicer is a former White House press secretary in the days when the Trump administration held news conferences. You remember...

Cardella: A Brief History of Losing

Well, South Philly, you got Jim Kenney as mayor for another four years. I know, I know. It seems as if you spend half your life hating on Jim Kenney. I feel it’s my...
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