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Cardella: Out of Touch

By Tom Cardella:YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT’S GOING ONYOU BEEN AWAY FOR FAR TOO LONG…YOU’RE OUT OF TOUCH, MY BABYMY POOR OLD FASHIONED BABY– Rolling StonesSometimes I feel like a stranger in a strange land. As Mick would sing,...

Cardella: Life Does Not Begin at 80

By Tom CardellaDear Reader, since the last time you read this column I’ve turned the ripe old age of 80. 80?!? I don’t view reaching this milestone as some kind of personal achievement. Seems more...

Cardella: Stuffing

By Tom CardellaYou can have the turkey. Just let me at the stuffing. You realize that if we eliminate the bird from the Thanksgiving meal, no president would ever have to pardon a turkey. I...

Cardella: Wave train

By Tom CardellaA “Wave Election?” Uncle Nunzi asks. “What the hell is that?” Uncle claims that the last wave he saw around here was the pompadour I wore when I was 10 years old.Prior to last...

Cardella: Halloween Monsters

By Tom CardellaFolks — Do we really need a holiday that celebrates witches and goblins? In this day and age, do we need to create fictional reasons to be scared? Our real lives aren’t scary enough? I...

Cardella: Mocktober Monologue

By Tom CardellaThe UN issued a report last week saying that in 20 years or so, our planet will suffer a huge environmental disaster. The reaction from Trump fans is, “Yeah, but how about that...

Ladies: Withhold Your Favors

By Tom CardellaWomen, in general, you’re smarter and more evolved than men. In our secret hearts, we men know you’re smarter. We wouldn’t fight so hard to maintain our male power structure if we thought...

Cardella: At Little Big Horn

By Tom CardellaWe asked leading public figures of today to comment on the defeat of George Armstrong Custer by Sitting Bull and his warriors at Little Big Horn.Phillies Manager GABE KAPLER –I saw some positives today. The...

Cardella: Days of Light and Shadows

By Tom CardellaMy wife and I were riding home in a cab late on a Saturday night when we saw her. The familiar short blonde hair. Slight figure. Quick, hurried steps that belied her age....

Cardella: You’re better than he is

No. You’re not deplorable. You voted for Trump, but that doesn’t make you deplorable. At least not necessarily (I leave room for those folks in both parties that may be deplorable human beings. The...
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