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Cardella: Old Friends

I like to spend a portion of each day listening to music. And when I’m in a reflective mood as I was the other day, I scroll through my Amazon Music Unlimited to a...

Letter to the Editor: Support direct care workers

As we all know, there are many heroes sacrificing and even risking their personal safety during our present health crisis. We recognize all first responders, hospital workers and even teachers who put themselves in...

Letter to the Editor: The aftermath of a sneeze

Tom Cardella’s column on sneezing could have been written by me, though less eloquently. I have found sneezing in general to be abhorrent for as far back as I can remember. Here are a few reasons:...

Letter to the Editor: Cardella right on COVID

What I want to say is that I loved Tom Cardella’s column for June 1 about how the COVID-19 pandemic is still with us. I have to take SEPTA buses all the time, and...

Cardella: My Secret

I’ve written about a lot of subjects in the 58-plus years I’ve written for this newspaper. Some of the subjects have been trivial. Some about important stuff. Many have been about my family. I’ve...

Letter to the Editor: All teachers are heroes

Kudos to Mark Zimmaro for his report on the 9 South Philadelphia teachers who were winners of the prestigious 2022 Lindback Award for Distinguished Teachers ("9 local teachers honored," May 27). Here they are again:...

Letter to the Editor: Informative column

Thank you, Tom Cardella, for your wise comments about COVID in your recent column. You sharing your experience with COVID was likely one of the more helpful tips for people understanding that this is...

Letter to the Editor: Time to recognize worth of direct care workforce

We’ve rightfully celebrated doctors and nurses through the COVID-19 pandemic, but have failed to recognize many of the unsung heroes of this public health emergency, including direct care workers. Since March of 2020, more than...

Cardella: Gesundheit

Why do we say “God bless you!” after a person sneezes? This is the kind of serious question that consumes me in my quest to understand humankind. We react like Pavlov’s dog when someone...

Cardella: What Happened To An Abundance of Caution?

The number of COVID cases in this town is rising. The risk level has risen to medium. Philadelphia schools have returned to masking. No time to panic, but the warning signs are up. But...
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