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Cardella: The Year in Review — 2020

Those of you who read this column regularly (no doubt with a bottle of BRIOSCHI near at hand) have likely noticed that my first column every new year is devoted to reviewing the old...

It’s NOT Wedding Soup

By Tony Leodora FOR THE REVIEW This is the story of a soup that has become very popular in recent years … in restaurants, supermarkets, even convenience stores. They call it wedding soup. It is the...

Cardella: A Catholic President

In a little more than a month, Joe Biden will become only the second Catholic to serve as president of the United States. It has not been an easy road for a Catholic to...

Cardella: Save our Small Businesses

As the pandemic surges, the rules of behavior have necessarily gotten stricter. We are faced with a choice that Hobson could relate to. As the story goes, Thomas Hobson owned a livery stable during...

Cardella: A Reason to be Thankful

It will not be the same in the old neighborhood this Thanksgiving. It will not be the same anywhere where Thanksgiving is celebrated. Our gatherings will be small. The required restraint will be severely...

Cardella: How Not to Solve the Abortion Issue

Amy Coney Barrett is, as you know, the newest member of the Supreme Court. Some observers believe that her appointment spells the end of Roe v. Wade. And if it does, some anti-abortion advocates...

Cardella: Noise Toys

You can’t get away from noise in our city. I don’t care where you live. All of us are assaulted day and night. Silence is an endangered species. I know politics today divides us,...

Cardella: Our Town

The South Philly I grew up in was like a small town. It had all the virtues of living in a small town and some of the dark things, too. That South Philly —...

Cardella: The President Who Would Be King

Now we know what the price will be to give Donald Trump another term as president. We know because Donald Trump has told us. He’s told us, not in any surreptitious recording of which...

Cardella: Debate Guide

With the first presidential debate just four days away, here’s your guide to watching the debate. Chapter One — Saving Lives during the COVID-19 epidemic. Mr. Trump is sure to mention during the debate that the...
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