Philadelphia Mayor Cherelle Parker Signs New Safety Laws to Protect the Community


Philadelphia Mayor Cherelle Parker has signed three new laws to improve safety. These laws ban bump stocks, install speed cameras on Broad Street, and set new training rules for eviction officers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Philadelphia bans bump stocks and devices that make guns fire faster to reduce gun violence.
  • Speed cameras will be added to Broad Street to improve traffic safety and reduce accidents.
  • New rules require eviction officers to complete nearly 200 hours of training to better handle evictions.

Ban on Bump Stocks and Gun Switch Devices

The first law bans bump stocks and other devices that increase the rate of fire of guns. These devices, often called “switch devices,” can turn a regular handgun into a fully automatic machine gun, making them much more dangerous.

We’ve referred to it as the gun switch bill,” said Mayor Parker. This new law comes after several serious shootings where these devices were used.

Philadelphia’s Public Safety Director Adam Geer pointed out a very concerning incident: “Do you remember the shooting where we had eight young people shot? Guess what was attached to that glock? One of these switches.

This tragic shooting happened on March 6 at a SEPTA bus stop in Burholme, with over 30 bullets fired, injuring eight kids.

Even though the U.S. Supreme Court recently reversed a ban on bump stocks from the Trump era, Adam Garber, the head of Ceasefire PA, reassured that this new city law is still valid.

Legislative authority to ban these, and other forms of accessories, is totally legal,” he said.

Installing Speed Cameras on Broad Street

Another new bill signed by Mayor Parker will install speed cameras along Broad Street to reduce traffic accidents.

When we talk about a safer Philly, we want the public to know that traffic is part of that,” said Parker.

This idea comes from the success of speed cameras on Roosevelt Boulevard, where they have saved at least 50 lives and reduced traffic violations by 95%. 

The new cameras on Broad Street will be paid for with parking fines, and the installation process has already started.

New Licensing Requirements for Eviction Officers

The third bill introduces a rigorous licensing process for officers conducting evictions in Philadelphia.

This means they need almost 200 hours of training to do their job correctly. Mayor Parker said, “Any entity carrying out an eviction will have the proper training to do so.

Mayor Parker’s Initiatives Bolster Public Safety in Philadelphia

These new laws are part of Mayor Parker’s ongoing commitment to improving public safety in Philadelphia.

Earlier this year, she signed additional bills targeting various aspects of city life, including banning casino-style games in stores, imposing curfews for some businesses in Kensington, and cracking down on license plate flipping devices.

The Philadelphia Police Department is also working to improve safety. Its new Elite Highway Patrol Unit deals with illegal ATVs and dirt bike riders, helping to keep the city safe.With these new laws, Philadelphia is working hard to reduce gun violence, make roads safer, and ensure eviction officers are properly trained. This will help make Philadelphia a safer city for everyone.