Five Men Injured in Philadelphia Restaurant Shooting Incident

A shootout at the Twin Dragon takeout in South Philadelphia on July 1, 2024, left five men injured, with bullets narrowly missing a child.

Key Takeaways:

  • Five men were injured in a shootout at Twin Dragon takeout in South Philadelphia.
  • Over 40 shots were fired, and the incident involved a history of violence at the same location.
  • Police are seeking information from the public to help track down the shooters.

Five People Shot at South Philadelphia Takeout

Five men were injured in a shooting at a South Philadelphia takeout spot, with bullets narrowly missing a child and other customers inside the restaurant, according to Philadelphia police.

The incident occurred shortly before 10:25 p.m. on Monday, July 1, 2024, at the Twin Dragon takeout restaurant at South 27th and Dickinson Streets in the Grays Ferry neighborhood.

Chief Inspector Scott Small reported that at least two individuals began shooting into the restaurant, and at least one person inside returned fire.

The shooting resulted in injuries to five men aged between 21 and 45. Four were shot in the legs, and one was struck in the arm. Initially, police reported four victims but later confirmed the fifth.

tense Shootout at Takeout Leaves Five Wounded

Police transported one injured man to the hospital while the other four victims arrived in private vehicles. All five were hospitalized in stable condition. The five customers inside the takeout, including a child under the age of 10, were not hit by the bullets.

Investigators discovered evidence of at least 40 shots fired outside the takeout and another 12 shots from inside the restaurant.

A dark-colored SUV is believed to have been used by the shooters to flee the scene. Police recovered at least one firearm at the location and identified one gunshot victim as a suspect.

Previous Fatal Incidents at Twin Dragon Takeout

The Twin Dragon takeout has seen its share of violence over the years.

In December 2017, a tragic incident occurred when Nasir Livingston, 17, was shot in the head. This was part of a feud between the 27th Street group and the 31st Street group.

Two men were charged in connection with Livingston’s murder, though the outcomes of those cases are not immediately known.

Earlier, in March 2012, Damon G. Stafford was fatally shot in what was described as a murder-for-hire plot. The outcome of the case involving the getaway driver charged in this crime remains unclear.

Twin Dragon Closed, Evidence of Gunfire Remains

Neighbors reported hearing sustained gunfire, initially mistaking it for fireworks.

An eyewitness, fearing for their safety, recounted seeing two men enter the restaurant, then exit and fire bullets into the establishment before escaping in a car.

On Tuesday morning, the restaurant was closed with metal shutters over its windows and doors.

Police found over 40 shell casings at the scene, marking them with blue chalk circles. Dried blood was on the pavement near the restaurant.

Police Seek Tips on Twin Dragon Shooting Incident

No one has been arrested, and the reason for the shooting is still unknown. Police are asking the public for help.

If you have any information, please call the Shooting Investigation Group at 215-686-8270 or send tips anonymously by calling or texting 215-686-TIPS (8477).

The neighborhood is tense after this recent violence at the Twin Dragon takeout, and they are hoping for quick justice and better safety to stop future incidents.