Philly Free School program to host the 8th annual Alternative Education Forum.

Stock Photo/Pixabay

On Saturday, April 6, the South Philly-based Philly Free School program will host the eighth annual Alternative Education Forum. Come out and meet with schools and families in the Philadelphia alternative education community. Learn about Agile Learning, Montessori, Sudbury, Waldorf, Homeschooling and Unschooling educational philosophies.

Representatives from Philly Free School, Quadrat Academy, The Waldorf School of Philadelphia, The Natural Creativity Center and Philly Agile Learning Community will be tabling with information and resources.

Akilah S. Richards will deliver a keynote address and facilitate a small group workshop for attendees. Richards is a cofounder of the Alliance for Self Directed Education and an unschooling practitioner and advocate.

This is a free event.