It’s time to play the Feud

South Philly Family will appear on the popular game show on Nov. 16-17 on CW Philly

Representing South Philly, the Goffredo family will appear on The Family Feud on Nov. 16 and 17 on CW Philly. Pictured (from left) are Lauren Schiavo, Deborah Goffredo, Joseph “Skats” Schiavo, Travis Goffredo and Tyler Goffredo. Contributed photo.

Her 15 minutes of fame received an extension.

Twelve years ago, Lauren Schiavo appeared on television alongside her sister Deborah Miletto to have the then-Goffredo sisters’ upcoming weddings documented on Style Network’s show Who’s Wedding Is It Anyway?, which was a reality series that showcased planners working on dream weddings.

Schiavo, now a resident of Girard Estate, decided to take a shot at another TV appearance when she saw an opportunity when the popular long-running game show Family Feud was looking for contestants. 

“Back in January, they put out an ad on Facebook that they were looking for Philly families,” Schiavo said. “My mom sent it to me as a joke. I didn’t tell anyone but I put in an application. Then I forgot about it. A month later, I got an email back saying we were picked for the first round of auditions.”

Those auditions took place virtually due to COVID-19, but the producers liked what they saw. Soon after, the family of South Philly natives were ticketed to fly to Atlanta for an appearance on the show.

Schiavo chose her husband Joseph “Skats,” her mother Deborah Goffredo and her two twin brothers Travis and Tyler Goffredo as their team of five. Although there were plenty of options, the selections came down to ease of travel.   

“I have five brothers and sisters, and we all have a spouse or significant other so there are a lot of us,” Schiavo said. “But we needed people who were able to take off work and travel. We were able to narrow it down to who would be the easiest to travel.”

The quintet flew south the week of Memorial Day for the taping of the nationally viewed game show. It was a rare occasion to travel together outside of the tri-state area. 

“The extent of us traveling is renting a condo in Wildwood and there’s, like, 47 of us,” Schiavo said with a laugh. “I never really went with my mom and little brothers anywhere. It was a really nice family-bonding experience.”

Episodes featuring the family are set to air on Nov. 16 and 17 at 7:30 p.m. on CW Philly. 

It’s one thing to make an appearance, it’s another to make an impression. The family flaunts their South Philly heritage as the Goffredos shared a home near 9th and Johnson streets. Schiavo said they requested the announcer specifically declare the family was from South Philly instead of just Philadelphia upon introductions.

“On the show, I literally made them announce us as from South Philly,” Schiavo said. “If they didn’t, people might think we’re from somewhere else, like in the Northeast or Reading because people always lie and say they are from Philly. I said we have to be specific on this one.”

Schiavo promises some memorable moments, as the family made quite an impression during their time in Atlanta. 

“The first episode is going to be epic,” Schiavo said. “I think at some point, my husband might go viral for this. The producers told us that it was one of their top-five favorite episodes and the whole staff has been there for 20-plus years.”

The family will be having a watch party at the 2300 Arena on Swanson Street, not far from where a new dance studio is being built for Schiavo’s business, as she currently owns Flaunt Fitness at 17th and McKean streets.

Watching themselves on TV together will be another great bonding experience, which will include extended family.

“It’s almost like a lifetime achievement goal unlocked,” Schiavo said. “It’s one of the coolest experiences I’ve had in my whole life.”