New nonprofit to focus on community building, poverty

Two local nonprofits have joined forces to form the Philadelphia Community Alliance.

Diversified Community Services and United Communities Southeast Philadelphia will collaborate on community building and poverty-alleviation efforts under one umbrella. 

Members of both collaborating organizations gathered at the Mamie Nichols Center on June 20 to unveil the new name and logo design and officially create one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the city of Philadelphia with a goal of improving the quality of life for South Philly residents who need access to supportive services and financial resources. 

Executive Director of Diversified Community Services Otis Bullock will serve as CEO of the newly merged nonprofit. Executive Director of United Communities Francis Carney will serve as chief operating officer.

The newly merged entity plans to provide many of the same services of the two former companies under one umbrella. There are currently five locations listed, including the Mamie Nichols Center at 1929 S. 22nd St., Tasker Village at 1532 S. 16th St., Pennsport Office at 241 McClellan St., the Houston Center at 2029 S. 8th St. and the Dixon House at 1920 S. 20th St.

“We are thrilled with the potential to deliver high-caliber, quality services and more expansive financial resources to our clients for many years to come,” Bullock said. “We will be creating one of the largest human service organizations in the region, expanding our footprint, addressing poverty alleviation and offering additional youth, family and community development services and formulating one of the most unique public engagement teams in the city of Philadelphia.”

Diversified Community Services and United Communities worked on projects together previously, including the South Philadelphia Community Fund, which was paid for by United Way’s Poverty Action Fund in partnership with City Council. It helped struggling families and alleviated the repercussions of the pandemic.

“The merger presents an unprecedented opportunity to create the largest nonprofit organization devoted to human empowerment, operating across the geographic spectrum, from South Philadelphia throughout the entire Philadelphia region,” Carney said.  

The merger exploration and implementation were funded by The Repositioning Fund. As part of the merger, the organizations will explore new ways to develop new services and expand across the city while continuing to reduce poverty.

Officials said the merger will improve administrative and fundraising capacity, increase human resources capacity and foster a more cohesive and safer work environment.