South Philly resident dedicates show to late husband

South Philly resident Michelle Pauls will honor her late husband with a solo play during the Philadelphia Fringe Festival from Sept. 15-23 at the Vox Populi Gallery, 319 N. 11th Street.  

The World Premiere of her new play IT’S COMPLICATED …THIS GIFT OF LIFE is based on her tumultuous, traumatic and ultimately hope-filled life of the past three years. Watching her husband’s manic spiral out of control, and then horrific accidental death, all during the COVID pandemic inspired this theatrical multi-disciplinary production. Starring Michelle Pauls and directed by Carly L. Bodnar. Tickets are $25 (discounts available) and can be purchased through the Philadelphia Fringe website or at the door or by calling 215-413-1318.

This is the first Fringe Festival Michelle is doing on her own. For over 20 years, she worked with her husband, Stan Heleva, producing original plays, musical numbers, Fringe specials, with their company, B. Someday Productions and their theater, Walking Fish Theatre. They started self-producing in the First Fringe Festival, in 1997. Now she is producing and acting in a play she wrote, which will honor her husband, who died in 2020, and all the work they accomplished together for over 20 years with this production.