Letters to the Editor

Podcast an ‘ecosystem’ of musical talent

Of all the things I admire most about the South Philly Review, I especially enjoy the many reports about real people and events never covered in our regular newspapers. One very special story was just told by Mark Zimmaro about a career musician who created his own music podcast (“300 episodes for Philly’s go-to music outlet,“ Dec. 20).

The musician in the article, Dan Drago, has been producing a unique music podcast, 25 O’Clock, on social media for over nine years. He uses it primarily to interview other musicians so they can tell their individual stories.

Drago also includes conversations with those who work off stage to make musical productions possible. Zimmaro’s report lists many names of both performers and others who work in the music industry. Drago calls it all an “ecosystem” of musical talent with a supportive community in the background.

So now, according to Zimmaro’s report, Dan Drago is planning his 300th podcast episode for Jan. 24. The special guest for that show is still a secret.

As noted, it is a pleasure to get all this information from the South Philly Review. Many thanks to reporter Mark Zimmaro for bringing this original story to our attention.

Gloria C. Endres