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Larry Brown leaving

"I think it’s time for a change, to get fresh blood in there. As for a coach, I don’t know who’s out there."

Robert Drobnock,
2200 block Jackson Street

"I thought maybe it might have been needed. It’s time for a change. I’d like to see Mo Cheeks get the job, but I don’t think it’s going to happen."

John Fisher,
15th Street and Oregon Avenue

"Well, I hate to see him go. I think we need more talent around Iverson. I don’t think it was the coach’s fault. I don’t know who should replace him."

Joyce Lloyd,
1500 block Taylor Street

"I think it’s a bad idea, but what are you going to do? I’d like to see them get either Mo Cheeks or Jeff Van Gundy."

Louis Ramos,
1200 block S. 29th Street

"I think he had enough. It’s the right time for him to leave. I don’t know about a replacement."

Ed Lacroce,
2500 block S. Juniper Street

"I thought he was a good coach. He had a short fuse when it came to dealing with his players. But if he wants to leave, let him go! Right now I’d flip a coin between Mo Cheeks and Jeff Van Gundy."

Sandro Mattioli,
2900 block S. Franklin Street

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