Letters to the Editor

Hazards of turf

Regarding your Jan. 3 op-ed, Save the meadows, wherein it is mentioned the dangers imposed by artificial turf, I would add it is hazardous for insects, too, like the little grasshopper I encountered while jog walking on such a turf.

Here is a poem I’ve written about it.

Grasshopper lost

Let me lend you a hand,

Wee creature on the track,

Lest you’d be tread upon,

And your cuteness won’t be.

Let me lend you a hand,

Get yourself on this stick,

I’ll take you over there,

In the grass, to roam free.

Let me lend you a hand,

Hold on tight with your feet,

The wind’s a bit steady,

Don’t fly away from me.

I can see I’ve helped you,

In gratitude, you’ve stayed,

Now go, hop off with glee,

Let no harm come to thee.

Debra Panto

Address violent crime

In Pennsylvania and across the United States of America, crime and gun violence are still out of control. United States citizens should not have all this argumentative nonsense about politics. The 2024 presidential election is on Tuesday, Nov. 5. Currently early, with the way state primaries are being calculated, the primary result polls show the majority general presidential candidates will be our current president, Joe Biden, vs. our former president, Donald Trump.

No matter who will be elected as our president, the issues have to be addressed accordingly. The negativity and differences between one another need to stop politically. It is bigger than just everyone’s opinions at this point. Our government has to solve the issues with balance.

In February, President Biden convened law enforcement at the White House to discuss the administration’s work to fight crime and make communities safer. On March 7, President Biden delivered the State of the Union speech addressing all major issue conditions that need to be fixed in our country. Public safety and crime reduction are a top priority for his administration and should be for all politicians no matter the political party affiliation.

Especially here in Pennsylvania. Gov. Josh Shapiro and the administration cabinet have to keep making more progress toward ending this gun violence problem and crime dilemma.

Our police officers have to be more aggressive but legally in a non-unlawful manner. For example, more patrol units on all streets for a supplementary police presence. Securing safety in our state of Pennsylvania. Alternative assertiveness by politicians and police is needed nowadays.

Alim Howell

No more shortchanging Philly public schools

How interesting to see, posted next to my letter in last week’s Review complaining about public education funding diverted to private schools through tax credits, a report about new state funding for the School District of Philadelphia (“School district receives $1.8M in grant funding,” March 20).

Thanks to new leadership in the state, from Gov. Shapiro to Secretary of Education Khalid Mumin, there will be an increase of funding to underfunded districts like Philadelphia.

Let me be clear that even students in private schools are entitled to some support like safe school transportation or books. Meanwhile the state public education funding formula continues to shortchange districts like Philadelphia that do not have a strong tax base. The new administration understands and has taken steps to correct this imbalance.

I was especially pleased to read that this new program is aimed at districts with high poverty, mental health issues, violence and other problems like an unhealthy school environment, in other words, Philadelphia. It is more than about time that these needs are addressed.

So bravo to Gov. Josh Shapiro and the new leadership at the state Department of Education for prioritizing adequate funding for the improvement of education, mental health and a safe school environment for all students.

Gloria C. Endres