Booking passage

Most folks learn early in life that although being vocal will often lead to the acquisition of attention, libraries are not an apt location where they should shout their thoughts with abandon. Allowing their pens and keyboards to do the duty in this instance, South Philly residents have let the masses know they hold the Fumo Family Branch, 2437 S. Broad St., as their expanse’s top library.

“We appreciate having fantastic patrons who support what we do,” library supervisor Renee Pokorny said of the allegiance to the Lower Moyamensing haunt, one of South Philly’s five system sites. “We try to make this a fun and friendly environment and to connect with the community.”

The resident of the 900 block of Bainbridge Street and eight colleagues, whom she dubbed “the most amazing team,” resonate with readers because of their diverse programming, including the recent addition of activities geared toward youths on the autism spectrum. With approximately 25,000 items available for one’s edification, the Bella Vista dweller stressed that the victorious venue has the ability to appeal to those with long connections to the Free Library of Philadelphia system and to those with random or even novel desires to sample resources.

“We’re here to serve this community and to try to make it stronger through literacy,” Pokorny, a 13-year presence at Fumo, which builds its bond with the neighborhood through a great partnership with the Lower Moyamensing Civic Association, said. “We want to continue to reach new populations, too, because learning never stops. We’re thankful to be able to share that passion with everyone.”

The Thomas F. Donatucci Sr. Branch checked out a second-place finish, while the Charles Santore Branch found renewal in third. — J.M.