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Cardella: A Place With No Name

It was an unassuming little place where you could get a nice place of Veal Parmigiana. Nothing fancy, but red gravy to die for. If you were not a regular, the sound in the...

Cardella: Salvi and Me

In the movies, growing up is always sunny days, blueberry pie and fishing holes. Kids don’t grow up in urban movies. They get shot. And maybe the movies are closer to the truth than...

Cardella: Rating the Presidents

One of my favorite subjects is the rating of our presidents. I have a book titled PRESIDENTIAL GREATNESS, written in 1966. Rating presidents is, of course, very subjective. And our evaluations invariably change over...

Cardella: Don’t Cheer for Cosby

I graduated from Temple University in 1960. At that time Temple was a school with a concrete campus — a school for kids from working class-families. If there was ever a school that needed...

Cardella: Ground Rules

The Police Department and City Council have reached a compromise that will not permit renegade dirt bikes and ATVs to operate on the streets of Philadelphia. Enforcement of the law will be limited to...

Cardella: UFOs

While walking through Marconi Plaza, I found a beaten-up journal claiming to contain the investigative results of a study on Unidentified Flying Objects. I can’t vouch for its authenticity. Some of the journal is...

Cardella: The Piety Meter

Two presidents. Donald J. Trump. Joseph R. Biden. One -- whose life story is written in American tabloids. The other — is the story of triumph over personal tragedy. One — whose narrative about...

Cardella: Diary of a Hypochondriac

Hypochondriacs are held in low public regard. People have no sympathy for someone who always complains about imaginary illnesses. I believe hypochondriacs are sadly misunderstood. I should know. I am one. A hypochondriac is...

Cardella: My Roots

(I dreamed last night that I found an old family Bible that traced the roots of the Cardella family. It was only a dream, but somehow the story seemed true. I felt I should...

Cardella: The Apology

I’m thinking of getting a side job. I’ve given up on my earlier idea -- reading the newspaper to tourists swimming in hotel pools. That brainstorm came long ago while my wife and I...
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