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Cardella: A Bad Verdict

If you wanted to take down Johnny “Doc,” then I guess you’re happy. But maybe you shouldn’t be. I think you have to get beyond whether you liked him or not. Justice isn’t about...

Latin is most certainly not a dead language

Res ipsa loquitur is Latin for “the thing speaks for itself.” That means we do not have to search hard for evidence of the truth. When I was growing up Catholic, Latin was a big...

Cardella: Backlash

Political experts seem to agree. The present outlook for Democrats in the midterm elections of 2022 is bleak. Democrats themselves are trying to figure out where they went wrong. President Biden’s approval ratings keep...

Letter to the Editor: Unfair business tax

President Biden said he wants more products manufactured by USA companies. We all know that price competition is a big problem in competing with foreign industry. So Biden wants to double the U.S. corporate income...

Letter to the Editor: A Mighty organization

The South Philadelphia community really needs to thank the editors of the South Philly Review and reporter Joe DiProsperos for his article about the existence of a talented group of volunteers who spend personal...

Cardella: Save Our Streeteries

During the pandemic, we’ve gotten a taste of what true entrepreneurship can accomplish in Philadelphia. The growth of a number of creative outdoor streeteries magically saved the restaurant industry. And now in true Philadelphia...

Cardella: Police Calls

If you expected wholesale reform in the Philadelphia Police Department, it ain’t happening. Nothing has changed. The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), led by John McNesby, still obstructs and stands in the way of...

Letter to the Editor: Philly’s historic heritage

I read with fascination Mark Zimmaro’s report on a new history book about our city by South Philly author Jim Murphy (“Exploring Philly history,” Oct. 20). Even for a place as full of American history...

Cardella: Halloween: Will It Ever End

The latest chapter in the Michael Myers slasher movies, HALLOWEEN KILLS, is doing so well at the box office that another one is already in the works. It’s called, appropriately enough, HALLOWEEN: WILL IT...

Clearing the name of Christopher Columbus

Let's begin by stating the difference between true facts and personal opinion. When judging figures from the past, we must be sure to check all the facts and leave out the personal prejudices that...
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