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Cardella: No Kings Or Queens For Me

Far be it from me to tell Brits how to govern themselves. But Brits are not nearly so shy in telling us how much better it is to have royalty about the house. No,...

Cardella: High Fiber Diet

Let’s face it. Most of us can use more fiber in our diet. There’s a simple reason. High-fiber food is food we can’t digest. Why the hell would we want to eat food we...

Letter to the Editor: Fascinating historic event

Back in the 1960s when I was a single, young teacher, I often traveled with friends and colleagues on our summer hiatus to different countries. One year we flew to France and visited the...

Letter to the Editor: Pipe dreams

It's such a tragedy seeing all these floods and fires but we are doing nothing to help stop this. I hear infrastructure for bridges, waste management and communications, etc., but nothing about global warming...

Cardella: Relieving Student Debt: Who Wins?

The idea of helping Americans pay off their student loans sounded like a winner to me when first it was proposed by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) when he ran for president. Sanders’ idea was...

Cardella: Why Do So Many Italians Love Trump?

I’m still mystified over the bond between Donald Trump and many Italian-Americans. Despite the events of Jan. 6 of 2021, that bond seems unbroken. Why? I think back to an incident in a South Philadelphia...

Letters to the Editor: Cardella right on Griner

By Gloria C. Endres: This may come as a shock to Tom Cardella, with whom I have had my differences over the years, but I totally agree with his opinion about Russia's capture and sentencing...

Where Have You Gone Dr. Goldstein?

By Tom Cardella Buckle up. It’s been more than three months since I told you about one of my medical adventures. The wait is over. This past weekend, my aging body once again required a...

A beautiful ‘melting pot’ on East Passyunk Avenue

The South Philly landmark known as the "Singing Fountain" on East Passyunk Avenue got its name because of loudspeakers that can broadcast actual songs. The small triangle where it is located was created by...

Cardella: Griner Made Her Own Mess

Let’s stop making Brittney Griner a hero. Yes, the 31-year old women’s pro basketball star has been treated badly by the Russian court. She brought less than a gram of cannabis oil into Russia...
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