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Cardella: Technophobia

Andrew Yang dropped out of the race for the presidential nomination last week. His announcement was not unexpected. Most eyes that night were focused on other candidates in the tightly contested Democratic primary in...

Cardella: The Return of Carnac the Magnificent

Hey, you crazy nostalgia fans! Thank you for being so thrilled with our column (01/22/20) featuring the return of David Letterman’s Top Ten list. This week, we again dip into the past to bring...

On a clear night, you can see Venus

By Gloria C. Endres: Above is a photo, taken on Jan. 29, of the brilliant planet Venus in the dark southwestern sky over my Passyunk Crossing street. First of all, I am not an...

Cardella: Return of the Top 10 List

Every weekday night — if you’re at all like me (and my mail suggests you’re not) — you probably say to yourself, “Gosh almighty, I miss David Letterman’s Top Ten Lists.” Well, your angst...

Cardella: Maybe Next Week

It’s Monday, and I have this really great idea for a column. A blockbuster. I’m thinking Pulitzer Prize. Gotta find space in my cluttered trophy case for a gold medal. I jot down some...

Letter to the Editor: Way to Go South Philly

The headline in last week’s SPR (“In wake of explosion, community comes together”) says it all. Articles by reporters Mark Zimmaro and Tom Beck describe the amazing generosity of neighbors and small businesses like...

Cardella: The Great White Hope

Through the early years of the last century, the world heavyweight boxing champion was white. And that’s the way most Americans wanted it. Boxing was a large part of the American ethos. It was...

Letter to the Editor: Philadelphia needs more money for public schools

Many thanks to state Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler for taking a stand on school funding, especially how it impacts the repair of unsafe schools {"Fiedler calls for funds to fix local schools," Dec. 25}. For...

Cardella: The Year In Review

If you feel about this past year the way that I do, dear reader, you may question why anyone would want to relive 2019. Well, newspaper traditions being what they are, columnists are expected...

Cardella: The Medigan

I just watched THE IRISHMAN with my Uncle Nunzi. Uncle calls the movie THE MEDIGAN. “Medigan” is Italian slang for anyone who’s not Italian. Uncle Nunzi divides the world into two groups. Italians and...
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