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Letter to the Editor: Another radical Democratic idea

By: Richard DiGiacomo South Philadelphia William Greenlee, Democratic city councilman at large, has proposed a bill that would ban stores from accepting credit/debit only as forms of payment for goods and services. The bill would require...

Cardella: Family Politics

It was near the end of her life that I found out that Mom was a Democrat. Both sides of my family were staunch Republicans. My father collected Nixon memorabilia. His father was a...

Letter to the Editor: “Taggart opens Family Welcome Center”

To the Editor, Many changes have happened to the John H. Taggart School since I taught there from 1966 to 1987. But even then, we were experiencing an influx of immigrants from Asian countries like Cambodia...

Cardella: At Your Super Bowl Party

Photo by Tom Beck By Tom Cardella The atmosphere at your annual Super Bowl party will return to normal on Sunday. Remember all the way back to last year, when the unlikely appearance of our Philadelphia Eagles in...

Cardella: A Story About Magic

By Tom Cardella: If there were a Philadelphia edition of the dictionary, next to the word “magic” would be a picture of Eagles quarterback Nick Foles. In the season that just ended for the Eagles,...

Cardella: The Wall

By Tom CardellaAs we enter 2019, our country faces many problems, not the least of which is that we’ll be bombarded by the president’s tweets for up to two more years. This is a president...

Cardella: South Philly Singers

By Tom CardellaI’m singing in the frozen food aisle at our local supermarket. The James Taylor version of HANDYMAN. I often sing in the supermarket. And I must say I nail the James Taylor version....

Cardella: Out of Touch

By Tom Cardella:YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT’S GOING ONYOU BEEN AWAY FOR FAR TOO LONG…YOU’RE OUT OF TOUCH, MY BABYMY POOR OLD FASHIONED BABY– Rolling StonesSometimes I feel like a stranger in a strange land. As Mick would sing,...

Cardella: Life Does Not Begin at 80

By Tom CardellaDear Reader, since the last time you read this column I’ve turned the ripe old age of 80. 80?!? I don’t view reaching this milestone as some kind of personal achievement. Seems more...

Cardella: Stuffing

By Tom CardellaYou can have the turkey. Just let me at the stuffing. You realize that if we eliminate the bird from the Thanksgiving meal, no president would ever have to pardon a turkey. I...
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