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Cardella: Every Child Left Behind

This week features a guest column by Rob DeFeo. We don’t do guest columns, but I thought this was a topic best told by someone directly affected. Full disclosure — Rob is my cousin....

Cardella: Sean is Gone

Until now, I’ve avoided taking sides in the Sean Spicer-Dancing With The Stars controversy. Spicer is a former White House press secretary in the days when the Trump administration held news conferences. You remember...

Cardella: A Brief History of Losing

Well, South Philly, you got Jim Kenney as mayor for another four years. I know, I know. It seems as if you spend half your life hating on Jim Kenney. I feel it’s my...

Cardella: Side effects

Fran says that I’m the perfect patient. I have a team of expert physicians at Jefferson who attend to my various ailments. I’m always cooperative. Follow their instructions. Take the proper dosage. I’m always...

Cardella: Philly Justice and Injustice

Is Larry Krasner the person who’ll finally bring justice to our criminal justice system? Or is he the villain who bears responsibility for the disrespect for law enforcement? It’s hard to find a Philadelphian...

Cardella: The Black Italians

One of the worst aspects of racism is our denial that it exists. Not every white American is a racist, but each of us was faced with a binary choice growing up. We either...

Rep. Thomas Murt of the 152nd Legislative District discusses need for accurate information

By: Rep. Thomas Murt In the 21st century, the need for successful research and accurate information is more profound than ever. With misinformation so prevalent in today’s media and society, the skill of recognizing precise...

Grandparents and working parents deserve tax breaks

By: Councilman Al Taubenberger (R-at large) We live in economically challenging times. Wages have not kept pace with inflation, leaving many Philadelphians - especially working grandparents and those with children at home - struggling to...

Letters-to-the-Editor: Response to Tom Cardella’s column about Trump

The Oct. 16 issue of the SPR is filled with fascinating reports about our dynamic community from church news, housing developments and popular restaurants, to arts and entertainment. And then there is the enduring opinion...

Cardella: The Cult

When a president can utter the phrase “in my great and unmatched wisdom” and about 35% of American voters don’t laugh their asses off, we’re in uncharted territory. Leaders who proclaim their own “great...
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