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Cardella: The Get Back Policy

Get back, get back Get back to where you once belonged --John Lennon and Paul McCartney Your intrepid columnist has discovered that the Trump administration is getting ready to announce a sweeping new executive action that will...

Op-Ed: The importance of a STEAM education

By: Gloria C. Endres Many thanks, as always, to reporter Grace Maiorano for her cover story on a 33-year-old event sponsored by global healthcare company GSK, partnered with the Franklin Institute: GSK Science in the...

Letter-to-the-editor: Response to Cardella’s self interview

By: Gloria C. Endres South Philly Resident To the Editor: In his most recent “self-interview” (July 17), Tom Cardella closes with a triple comment on “choice,” in response to a question about Medicare for All. His three choices...

Letter-to-the-Editor: City ignores neighborhoods regarding new fuel facility in South Philly 

By: Michael Bradley To-the-Editor:  City ignores neighborhoods regarding new fuel facility in South Philly Early Friday, June 21, a vat of butane ignited at the PES refinery located in South Philly, causing a massive fire and series...

Cardella: Interviewing Myself (Part 2)

This week's column by Tom Cardella is a continuation of last week's.  19-Q-Why do you question whether the president and his supporters are true conservatives?       A-Don’t take my word for it. There’s a reason the conservative...

Letter-to-the-Editor: Response to community PES meeting

By: Gloria C. Endres South Philly Resident  Thanks to Grace Maiorano for her comprehensive report on the community meeting recently hosted by U.S. Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon (published July 10) to discuss all the consequences of...

Cardella: Interviewing Myself (Part 1)

Perhaps it’s the ultimate in chutzpah to interview myself.  But then again, who the hell else is better qualified to get me to sit down for an interview? 1-Q-Is this the most divisive time you’ve...

Cardella: My Trump Addiction

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is, “Why don’t you write about something other than Trump?” Interestingly enough, that question is most often posed by people who support Trump. Why would...

Letter-to-the-Editor: Rebuttal to Tom Cardella’s abortion stance

By: Gloria C. Endres South Philly resident In keeping with the spirit of respect and lucid conversation urged by Tom Cardella in his column on the abortion debate ("Save us all from the true believers," May...

Cardella: Summer Sketches

(Personal reflections…some happy, some not…of summers past) Getting something to eat at a Phillies game can be an adventure. My barber told what happened to her one night at a game… “Two chicken cheese steaks, please.”...
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