Christina Ing – Boundless potential

Christina Ing isn’t sure what she wants to be when she grows up, but the 13-year-old has great shortlist: author, architect, photographer, interior designer, or pediatrician included. Her teachers at George Sharswood Elementary School, 2300 S. Second St., agree – “all teachers involved in working with Christina unanimously agree that she is self-determined, self-assured and amiable,” reported nominator Denise Flavin-Lefferts. The seventh-grader and resident of the 700 block of Jackson Street excels in all subjects, but Flavin-Lefferts said she takes her assignments beyond expectations and is an extraordinary writer.

The straight-A student has earned a spot on the Principal List the last two years, regularly participates in Reading Olympics, and has earned the distinct honor of participating in Sharswood’s Mentally Gifted program. Ing plans to attend college and isn’t sure where, but knows that she wants to leave the nest – “she does know that she wants to… experience the independence that going away to college provides,” according to her nomination. The volleyball player hopes to get back on the court for eighth grade and likely continue to impress the faculty, staff and students inside the gymnasium and the classroom. – Bill Chenevert