Readers’ Choice: Doing a victory dance 

Readers’ Choice: Doing a victory dance

Photo by Maria Young

Here is a familiar name for you — Jason Douglas DanceAdelphia. We are not just talking about it being Philadelphia’s longest-running dance studio. Well when it comes to the annual Readers’ Choice Awards, the business based at 1100 Snyder Avenue continues take a step in the winning direction for best dance studio. Even though he is the name behind DanceAdelphia, Douglas is not taking all of the credit.

“This is bigger than me. It’s bigger than one person,” he said, “It’s deep. There are people in this studio who have been here since before I was born.”

Yes, many of those people did not hesitate casting his or her vote for DanceAdelphia, stopping by the studio to drop off a ballot. The following is so strong that four generations of family members have spent time inside the studio. There are programs for 3-year-olds, as well as adults. There are preschool programs, adult zumba classes, hip-hop, ballet, ninja warrior along with numerous other options available to students. There is a staff more than 20 strong lending a helping hand on top of his or her full-time job.

“We make it a very happy place through dance and physical activity,” he said.

Douglas is following in the footsteps of his mother and grandmother, who started the business.

Don’t bother asking how many students attend the school, as there is a very good chance he will not share the numbers.

“My grandmother used to say never count your numbers, it’s bad luck,” Douglas said. “The one year I counted it was the worst year I ever had.”

What he is counting on is that each participant has a memorable experience, with dance and creativity being two of the key components. It’s also about making people feel good about themselves.

“If you want something, you have to go get it,” Douglas said,

Joanna Studio of Dance shook a grove in second and the Pennsport School of Dance tap danced in third.