A heroic example

To the Editor:

Thanks to Review staff writer Lindsey Nolan for her comprehensive report on why the Teacher as a Hero award was bestowed recently on South Philadelphia High School counselor Emily Goodman (“Good work by Goodman,” May 11). Let me join my voice in praise and congratulations to this wonderful educator for her heroic efforts to guide students through the rigorous steps necessary to succeed in high school and beyond.

The word “heroic” especially applies here because of so many hurdles students and staff face in the school district due to relentless budget cuts in recent years. In spite of the many obstacles in her path, Ms. Goodman has dedicated herself to enabling her students to reach their full potential and not only graduate but move on to higher education. It is a stunning achievement that, using a variety of programs, she has been able to raise the graduation rate at South Philadelphia High School from 50 percent to 88 percent from the time she arrived to the present. Truly amazing! What this article stresses, and what should continually be emphasized, is that students do not reach their goals in a vacuum. Along with supportive families and teachers, they require resources and creative guidance from determined professional counselors like Ms. Goodman. She is an example of what it means to go the extra mile — a priceless inspiration.

Gloria C. Endres
South Philadelphia