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Remember When: Packer Park had a swim club

By Bill Gelman

Who wishes it was still summer? The idea of going for a swim on a hot 90-degree day may sound like a very refreshing idea, especially after a long day of work or school. As reality settles in that it’s a tad too cold to jump in the pool, like the one pictured on this page, there is nothing wrong doing a little reminiscing about those neighborhood gems from the good ol’ days like the Packer Park Swim Club.

Who Remembers the Packer Park Swim Club?

What was your favorite thing about it?

Little did we know that when we posted those questions on the SPR Facebook page last week that it would generate a variety of memories. …

“Cabana 5 for many years. The best of times!”

“1970s. Myself and other troubled kids use to sneak in the pool during the evening hours.”

“It was awesome … just being there with friends … and my favorite was looking at the good looking guys.”

“Good ol’ days! Swimming and using cabana. Always went with friends who were members. Packer Park crew!”

“The pool … of course. Was a member till it closed. Too bad we have nothing like that anymore.”

Others recalled the Holy Spirit class party, DJ Bob Moreland and the food.

Maybe somebody reading this may decide it’s time to rebuild the Packer Park Swim Club.

Who wants a cabana?

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