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62 guns given back for cash

Photo by Vincent Thompson, City Councilmember Kenyatta Johnson’s Office.

The Tasker Street Missionary Baptist Church on Tasker Street held its second annual Gun Buyback Program on Nov. 14.

The City Gun Buyback Program, in conjunction with Councilmember Kenyatta Johnson, collected 62 guns, which were voluntarily surrendered by residents. Last year, the program collected 26 guns.

In a no-questions-asked format, residents were given $50 for each pistol, $75 for each hunting rifle, $150 for each semiautomatic weapon and $200 for each assault weapon, as classified by the state.

All money for the program was raised by Tasker Street Baptist Church. Supporters of the event included Unity in the Community, Tasker Street Baptist Church, Point Breeze Community Development Coalition and Johnson, who serves as chairman of City Council’s Special Committee on Gun Violence Prevention.

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