City Announces COVID-19 Vaccine Interest Sign-Up

Philadelphia residents can now sign up to receive notifications of when a COVID-19 vaccine will become available.

City residents can inform the Department of Public Health that they want to receive the COVID-19 vaccine by providing contact information and some limited personal information at Those who complete the interest form will be contacted later by the Department of Public Health or one of the city’s vaccine partners when they can schedule an appointment. The information collected is secure, according to the Department of Public Health.

Due to extremely limited vaccine supply at this time, residents cannot set appointments using this website. Furthermore, it may take weeks or months before residents will be able to schedule appointments. However, by registering, residents can ensure that they will be notified when a vaccine becomes available to them.

“Having a vaccine against COVID is a major step forward, but we understand that many Philadelphians are frustrated by not knowing how to get vaccinated,” said Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley. “While we cannot make more doses of vaccine appear, with this sign-up, we can at least assure interested Philadelphians that they will be contacted when their opportunity to get vaccinated comes up.”

Information collected by Philly Fighting COVID, the Black Doctor’s COVID-19 Consortium, and Acme will be added to the City’s database. 

The city announced it is moving into Phase 1b of the vaccine rollout, with certain groups within that phase prioritized given current levels of vaccine supply. Health care workers, people who live in nursing homes, first responders, people who live and work in congregate settings such as behavioral health facilities people age 75 or older; and anyone who has cancer, organ transplant(s), chronic kidney disease or diabetes are now eligible to receive vaccine doses.

As more vaccine doses are made available, additional groups within Phase 1b will be invited to begin receiving their vaccinations.