Letter to the Editor

An active citizenry

I totally agree with Committee of Seventy CEO and president Lauren Cristella about the “roller coaster of emotions” we are all experiencing over recent events that seem to endanger our democracy (“We all have a role in protecting democracy,” Aug. 30). No one alive today can remember such a time of domestic upheaval as we are now going through. None of us were around during the Civil War, so this is all new to us.

Oh, sure, we can recall scandals like that of the Nixon administration, but at least he resigned without making threats. But no one, at least not in my generation, has any recollection of a mob attacking our United States Capitol building to try to overturn an election. It never happened before Jan. 6, 2021.

I certainly agree with Cristella that more Americans must become personally involved in protecting and promoting our system of government. As a faithful voter, for example, I would also encourage more active participation in elections. Even during the pandemic I recall using mail-in ballots so I did not have to risk my life with in person voting. Since then I walk to my polling place and exercise my duty to vote.

Other suggestions by Cristella are also worth considering such as: poll watching, campaigning for a favorite candidate, becoming a committee person or even running for office.

So kudos to Lauren Cristella for her active role as president and CEO of the Committee of Seventy. Thanks to her and her colleagues for doing their part to protect our democracy from all the recent turmoil that puts it in jeopardy. May they serve as an example of active citizenship to all.

Gloria C. Endres