Letters to the Editor

Stop the crime madness

It is very unfortunate that vandalism happened to the historic Mother Bethel AME Church located at 419 S. 6th St. on Feb. 19, which happened to be on Presidents’ Day.

This crime crisis needs to come to an end or at the least be slowed down by our elected officials who represent our state, including Gov. Josh Shapiro and Lt. Gov. Austin Davis. Here in Philadelphia, Gov. Shapiro and Lt. Gov. Davis should be working alongside Mayor Cherelle Parker and Police Commissioner Kevin Bethel more closely to keep making solutions on trying to stop all this crime madness.

Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives Joanna McClinton has a pivotal role, too, through the Legislature.

All the Rev. Mark Kelly Tyler, pastor of Mother Bethel AME Church, can do is pray that the church members or himself were not harmed or even worse vandalism to the church property did not occur. Police Commissioner Bethel has to put a higher police patrol presence in every part of the city until the crime rate goes down substantially. 

Alim Howell

What type of responses do you receive?

It is good to hear the feedback from Buy American Made supporters, as they are very informative. There are two responses most often heard by our supporters:

• “I’m trying to buy American made, but imported products now overwhelm just about every store where I shop.” Store personnel respond, “I only work here and have nothing to do with the items sold at the store.”

• Store clerks often say that people are asking for American made, and they are told to ask customers, “Does it really matter where a product is made as long as you can buy it when you need it?”

These are just a few responses our supporters encounter when shopping. However, it shows store personnel that people are more involved trying to buy American-made products.  Americans clearly see the degree of damage caused by outsourcing so much of what was made in America for years. We also see how important it is for us to support American made and help businesses in the USA expand the American-made label. In the last 35 years America lost the production of over 70,000 items formerly made in America for many years, but relocated to foreign countries, which caused the loss of millions of jobs for our fellow Americans, who represent our family, friends and neighbors.

To help us expand our campaign, make up a shopping list and check off what you found made in the USA and what you find only available as an imported product. Don’t hesitate to speak up where you shop and invite your family and friends to support American-made products.Thanks for your participation. American workers and future generations of American workers are depending on us. Your suggestions are welcome. Email them to Michael@AmericanWorkersRadio.com.

Michael Blichasz

Return of Review

I am happy to see the Review back in my neighborhood. The articles are informative and enjoyable. I dived right into the puzzles. Not an article escaped my scrutiny and I was not disappointed.

I look forward to the next issue.

Joan Elisii

Time to term limit Congress

I could not agree more with the opinion of former Pennsylvania state Sens. John Eichelberger and Andy Dinniman (“Term limits for Congress,” Feb. 28). They propose a congressional convention to pass a term limits amendment for Congress to the United States Constitution. If it works for the president, why not lawmakers?

As the piece states, with no surprise, this same request has so far not been accepted by Congress. If so, then what can be done? The opinion piece then suggests a states convention to adopt a term limit amendment to the Constitution. Votes by two-thirds states majority is then needed to bypass Congress. It must then pass three-fourths of state legislatures. It gets complicated.

Meanwhile we are stuck with the present situation where members of Congress can hold office indefinitely, unless voted out. All voters should support the need for a change in the Constitution to limit the times a member of Congress can run for office. If it is good for the president, it should be good for Congress. 

Gloria C. Endres