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Philadelphia pro team

"The Eagles. They have the most complete team right now. They have the players that can do it. It’s just a matter of putting it all together."

Mike Rocco,
24th and Wolf streets

"The Eagles, because I think Donovan McNabb is one of the premier quarterbacks — obviously, how about that contract they’re giving him? Hopefully he stays healthy."

Joe Rullo,
2900 block Reed Street

"The Eagles. I think they’ve got a great coach right now who’s doing a good job of coaching."

Azin Pender,
22nd and Manton streets

"The Flyers, because they have a new coach."

Cynthia White,
2000 block S. 69th Street

"The Eagles. They’re improved from last year. Donovan McNabb, he looks good. Hopefully they’ll go all the way."

Al DeRose,
15th Street and Packer Avenue

Photos by Jules Vuotto

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