Defining South Philly

"Restaurants. None in particular, but probably Italian restaurants. There are a lot of cultural restaurants that cater to the particular ethnic groups."

–David O’Neill,
Front Street and Oregon Avenue

"The Mummers Parade. People still associate that with South Philly, and people from South Philly still participate in it. [Also], cheesesteaks and communions."

–Christina Rogomentick,
10th and Porter street"

"The hangouts on the corners. Also, everybody knows each other. Everybody in South Philly [within the same family] lives on the same block. And we’ve got the best cheesesteaks."

–Alexis Busillo,
3100 block S. Sydenham Street

"The sense of community. How family sticks together and stays in the area."

–Kathy Morrissette,
22nd and Jackson streets

"The first thing I think of is Gooey Louie’s [eatery at Fourth Street and Moyamensing Avenue]."

–Chantay Jones,
Fourth Street and Oregon Avenue

"The food, cheesesteaks."

–Emmanuel Fuller,
16th Street and Moyamensing Avenue

"Pat’s and Geno’s Steaks."

–Tiffany Ross,
900 block Shunk Street

"South Street all together, [especially] the stores."

–Starla Williams,
Front and Shunk streets

"The Italian Market and the general Bella Vista area."

–Joe Russo,
2600 block South Ninth Street

"Good food and good company. [We] have very good food."

–Patricia Curry,
2600 block Marshall Street

"Definitely it would be Pat’s Steaks."

–Edward Maurer,
16th Street and Oregon Avenue