Republican majority

Photos by Jules Vuotto

"" "As a Democrat, I don’t feel as though the Republicans are for the working people."

Vera Poitier,
1400 block S. 18th Street

"" "It’s going to give George Bush a bigger head, that’s what it’s going to do."

Carmen Paternoster,
2500 block S. 21st Street

"" "They’ll screw it up. I don’t think they’re for minorities and poor people."

Mitchell Graham,
2000 block McKean Street

"" "I think it’s actually going to be bad … the Republicans aren’t quite as liberal and not very giving."

Joyce Williams,
2400 block Catharine Street

"" "In a way, it’s a bad thing because they took the election, they might as well take the country. They could get away with more illegal things."

Perry Williams,
2400 block Catharine Street

"" "Very badly. They’ve already started with the Iraq thing … and the economy’s already not good."

Sherri Range,
22nd and Bonsall streets