Iraq War

"I was against it. I still feel bad about the poor boys going to war, but President Bush has to do what he has to do."

Olga Perlo,
1900 block S. Camac Street

"I think we should stay there and keep bombing [Saddam Hussein]. If they take him alive, it’s good; if they take him dead, it’s better. And they should bring back the draft because I’m a Vietnam War vet."

Paul Smargissi,
1300 block McKean Street

"When President Bush’s father was in the presidency, he should have gone in and gotten Hussein the first time. I think [the war] should last a week because Hussein doesn’t have the proper equipment or the proper men to combat the United States of America."

Tony Corrado,
1900 block S. 13th Street

"I think there should be a peaceful means to settle it. I’ve been through three wars with my family, and I still believe that there’s a peaceful means to settling things."

Marge Jarman,
1200 block Tree Street

"Well, I think maybe it could have been worked out in a different way besides going to war. I just hope it’s not a long war."

Eleanor Kinney,
1900 block S. Fourth Street

"I think it was a good thing we did [go to war]. We had to get rid of [Hussein] and show the world we won’t back down from terrorism. The regimes — they do underhanded things and we can’t let them get away with it."

Carmen Ponzio,
19th and Dudley streets