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Media’s war coverage

"There is too much information coming across. If I am seeing it, so is somebody else overseas. It is good that we are kept informed; sometimes I think it is just too much."

Spike Whitaker,
2000 block S. Cleveland Street

"It is excessive. It is as though they are all competing and repeating [the same reports]. I don’t find anything that distinguishes one from another."

Seymour Sloan,
Seventh and Morris streets

"From what I have seen, CNN has been doing a very good job covering it. [The embedded reporters] have got watch their butts out there that they don’t get blasted away."

Robert Pistoia,
1500 block Shunk Street

"There’s too much [coverage]. It is so gory and horrible and it is shown like a made-for-TV movie."

Tracey Jackson,
200 block Ellsworth Street

"It is good except sometimes you see too much with the killing in Iraq. I don’t know how the families feel about seeing all that."

Sister Patricia Moore,
St. Francis Convent, 10th and Moore streets

"They are doing a good job because they have so many people over there covering it."

Tom Clancy,
2600 block S. 12th Street

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