Reality TV

"I don’t like them. I don’t think they should have them on TV. I prefer to watch movies or musicals."

Bart Mazzeo,
1900 block Olympia Place

"It’s about popularity. I watch The Bachelor. I think it’s fun to see who he picks."

Theresa Diorio,
1100 block Cross Street

"I just look at it as, it breaks the monotony. I don’t watch them, though — they are too long and drawn-out. I never get caught up in them."

Jimmy Brown,
1800 block S. 23rd Street

"I think they stink. I’m tired of them. I don’t believe they are really reality."

Joe LaFiora,
2400 block S. Ninth Street

"They’re ridiculous. I think they’re phony. I think the people are told what to do. I don’t watch any of them."

Kim DeSimone,
2200 block S. Lambert Street

"I don’t watch them. I think they’re a real sleaze. I prefer to watch sports."

Karl DeSimone,
2200 block S. Lambert Street