Food ban at Linc

"It’s crazy! We should be able to bring our own food."

Tasha Williamson,
Sixth and Cantrell streets

"They’re jacking up the prices! There’s no security risk. What are you going to do, bring in a gun made of whole wheat bread?"

Danny Mack,
2800 block S. 17th Street

"It’s about making money. If it was about security, people wouldn’t be allowed to bring in radios or cameras, either."

Jim Smith,
2300 block Croskey Street

"To me, they just want the vendors to make money inside the stadium. I can understand that — the vendors do have a contract with the team."

Dan Garcia,
Fifth and Moore streets

"I think they’re trying to make more money — like their ticket prices aren’t high enough as it is!"

Monique Williams,
19th Street and Oregon Avenue

"It sounds like a rip-off. They’re probably trying to make back some of the money they spent on the new stadium."

Terri Bay,
22nd and McKean streets