Playing poorly

Photos by Jules Vuotto

"" "The Eagles don’t have enough talent and offensive players. They need to draft better."

Chris Willing,
2800 block S. 11th Street

"" "Donovan needs to throw accurately. The Eagles need to work together as a team."

Eric Williams,
31st and Dickinson streets

"" "The Eagles will lose about six games, have a winning streak and then choke."

Miles Burke,
13th and McKean streets

"" "Don’t waste millions on a new stadium. The Eagles don’t really have a lot of talent."

Bruce Geiger,
1800 block S. 20th Street

"" "The Eagles need to get over their injures and work as a team. McNabb is slacking."

Emmanuel Harris,
24th Street and Snyder Avenue

"" "McNabb needs to get his act together. Reid needs to open up his play book more."

Camille Dabney,
1500 block S. 19th Street