Asian Palace’s Seafood Bird’s Nest

With a refined demeanor stemming from her Parisian upbringing, Estelle Nguyen possesses a very vibrant personality that she enjoys displaying in the hope of making others’ contentment comparable to hers. That zest for life has mostly become apparent through her overseeing the Bella Vista-situated Anhdep Studio at which she and husband Vandy Do offer wedding decoration assistance, photography and videography. Since early October, the proprietors have meshed the enthusiasm that comes with enthralling people set to take the marital plunge with an affinity for food as the owners of Asian Palace.

“We have had a very happy identity so far,” Nguyen said. “We are in a special neighborhood, and people are reacting well to our menu items and us, too.”

As a combination of the bride’s unbridled pleasantness and the groom’s grand admiration for promoting Asian plates, the destination has lately enjoyed status as an aesthetically inviting haven and a nutritionally exciting peddler of Chinese and Vietnamese favorites, with an expansion of their offerings, not to mention springtime deck dining, in the immediate future.

“No matter your culture, you want reliable food choices, and Asian meals can be those, especially if you are open to trying new things,” Nguyen, whose 150-seat site has begun to win regard as a spot for large gatherings, including the recent Cambodian Association of Greater Philadelphia Winter Celebration, said of her appreciation for filling meals, honed by delectable experiences while living in the French capital city. “We wanted the look to be warm and comforting, too, especially if people want to have parties here.”

Married for 10 years, she and Do have found that while dealing with the added pressure of operating a second enterprise, they have grown tighter as a couple and have come to appreciate even more the opportunites to share thoughts and ideas.

“We like applying ourselves in different ways to grow as people,” the latter individual said of the location, whose Facebook page touts it as providing a “wondrous presentation of the tantalizing spectrum of Asian flavors.” “So far, that has meant good news for us.”

Receipts have regularly featured their brainchild’s Seafood Bird’s Nest, leading the locals to share its recipe.

“Oh, the customers absolutely love it,” Nguyen said. “There are just so many flavors bursting through, and it’s fun to try the bird’s nest first because if you do it right, it will be very crispy and delicious.”


1 bag of egg noodles

6 scallops

5 shrimp

Half of a carrot

2 handfuls of snow peas

12 spears of broccoli

2 cloves of minced garlic

1 tablespoon of ginger

Salt and soy sauce, as desired


Arrange the egg noodles in a circle, and fry them for three or four minutes, using fresh oil for the best result. Form into a nest shape, and place at the bottom of a bowl. Boil the scallops and the shrimp seafood separately for three to five minutes. Combine the spices, the seafood, and the vegetables, and stir fry them for five minutes. Add the vegetables, the shrimp, and the scallops, and consider finishing with salt and soy sauce.

Asian Palace

2001 W. Oregon Ave.

Opened: Oct. 9, 2016

Owners: Vandy Do and Estelle Nguyen