Letter to the Editor: Looking forward to new pet facility

After reading Mark Zimmaro’s report on the soon-to-open animal hospital on Washington Avenue (“Personal touch for furry patients,” July 27), I had to say, “Wow, I can relate.”

The article describes a new emergency facility for animals that is about to open at 2100 Washington Ave. thanks to the private company Philadelphia Animal Specialty & Emergency Care. Apparently, there has been increasing demand for more such medical facilities due to both a shortage of staff and the need for “therapy pets” during the pandemic.

I know I cannot walk down Passyunk Avenue without seeing numerous pet owners walking their dogs. There are also lots of baby carriages, but that’s a whole other topic.

What makes this personal for me is that I also turn to a therapy dog to help with my own COVID anxiety. I am too allergic to have my own dog or cat, but I can visit an animal for short periods of time.

Now, thanks to my beloved friends and neighbors, Stephanie and Joe Liberi, I am allowed to visit their dog Skip once a week. Skip or Skippy is a black “cavapoo.” That means he is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles spaniel and a poodle. He always greets me with such joy that I immediately relax and forget everything else.

Skip is hypoallergenic since he does not shed. My only allergy is to an enzyme in his saliva. As long as I don’t touch my eyes after he licks my hand, I will not get itchy.

I am just happy that such a modern and impressive facility will soon be ready to accept all kinds of pets for all kinds of care. Also, as Zimmaro reports, the veterinary practice will, in a couple more years, open yet another facility on Washington Ave. It is a relief to know that all these wonderful animals, like Skip, that help their humans deal with so much stress, will find their own health needs met.

Special thanks to Mark Zimmaro and the Review for providing all this information.

Gloria C. Endres