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Defining South Philly

"Restaurants. None in particular, but probably Italian restaurants. There are a lot of cultural restaurants that cater to the particular ethnic groups." --David O'Neill, Front Street and Oregon Avenue "The Mummers Parade. People still associate that...


When we were kids, we'd take a bunch of cookies -- preferably Oreos -- and mash them in a full glass of milk. We called it "zoopadell." The origins of zoopadell escape me (my mom...

Philadelphia pro team

"The Eagles. They have the most complete team right now. They have the players that can do it. It's just a matter of putting it all together." Mike Rocco, 24th and Wolf streets "The Eagles,...

You and the media

So I says to my friend Looie -- Looie, I says, if you had to vote on freedom of the media, like it guarantees in the First Amendment, how would you vote? Looie drops...

Quality-of-life problem

"No recreation for the children. There's nothing for kids to do." Charmaine Barfield, 26th and Christian streets "Loud people and cars blasting their music. What do they get out of it?" William McCullough, 2600 block S. Sixth...


American Idol is facing its biggest challenge. Conquering the summer TV ratings was small potatoes compared to what Fox now must do. This was, after all, not just an talent show -- although it...

A routine day

Every day begins the same for Uncle Nunzio. A quick, careful shave with a straight razor and a splash of Lilac Vegitalis to wake him up, the alcohol sting is his personal sign that another...

Eagles’ chances

"I think they're going all the way. Why not?" William Coleman, 1800 block Patton Drive "Their defense, their offense, they obtained more weapons ... they're ready ." William Henry, 2200 block Bonsall Street "I went to...

Just one year later

Maybe it's the invention of the remote control that did it. We can click through a hundred TV channels without really seeing anything. The remote control institutionalized attention deficit disorder for the entire nation....

Around here

I have lived in South Philadelphia all my life, but this place is more myth than reality. The South Philadelphia where neighbors cared about each other has all but disappeared. Park in a...
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