That’s entertainment?


To the Editor:

I’ve always been a major movie buff, and I’m sure I always will be, but quite honestly, I was very disappointed with the Academy Awards this year. When did these award shows that are supposed to be recognizing actors for their outstanding performances become so political? The Oscars are meant to be a podium for talent and art, and nothing more.

There is a time and place for politics, and I do not believe this is the venue. I do not have the same feeling in watching as I have in the past because it is getting to be boring and completely inappropriate. This Hollywood production should be enjoyable, not depressing, so this process should not be muddled up with the most recent cause. As hard as Neil Patrick Harris tried to lighten up the night, it just fell flat in my opinion. Watching a movie in a theater or even in your home is a small escape from reality, and we should want to keep it that way, let us not take everything so seriously and keep the focus on what it is meant to be … entertainment.

Debbie Russino
South Philadelphia

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