What’s your stance on the spat between the FBI and Apple Inc. over unlocking the iPhone?



“I understand wholeheartedly what the FBI wants to do, but I don’t know. It could lead to too much of an intrusion on privacy down the line. I think Apple goes through your stuff anyway, but who knows?”

Hassan Bradley, 30th and Dickinson streets


“The FBI might be going too far if it’s even thinking about using this to look at more than one phone. I do think Apple should agree to help to unlock this one device, though, because of all the suspicion on what’s on it.”

Frank Persiano,

15th and Jackson streets


“Apple is wrong. This whole idea of secrecy makes no sense. This is why certain people get away with what they’re doing. Unlock the phone already.”

Ron Alberti,

1600 block of

South Camac Street

Interviews by Joseph Myers Photos by Tina Garceau