Letter to the Editor: Inspiring young artists

What a pleasure to read the report by Mark Zimmaro on the special art exhibit at this year’s Flower Show at FDR Park in South Philly (“Fresh Artists puts students in the spotlight,” June 22). I was especially happy to read how art students from local schools like George W. Nebinger were allowed to submit their beautiful work for the special show sponsored by nonprofit group Fresh Artists.

According to their art teacher Leslie Grace, the three students chosen for this exhibit – Simone Carlton, Conception Escobar-Leon and Hazel McCormick – were attending art club on their free time in addition to art class. According to Grace, “They are definitely all aspiring artists.”

I definitely hope this kind of exhibit continues to inspire and encourage more students to enter the art field. Kudos to Fresh Artists for sponsoring this special art show and to art teachers like Leslie Grace for all their hard work both in and out of the classroom.

And, of course, special thanks to Mark Zimmaro for covering this wonderful event. May it help enable more of the same shows in the future.

Gloria C. Endres