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Investigative powers

27016277 In M. Night Shyamalan's smash film The Sixth Sense, Haley Joel Osment's character utters the now-famous one-liner: "I see dead people." Keith Charles not only sees dead people -- he actually talks to them....

Bridge is falling down

With all the subtlety of a freight-train whistle, railway giant CSX's Web site boasts that it is "charting a path to become the safest and most progressive freight transportation company in North America." ...

Legacy of hope

27016147 To hear David Webber talk, he'd have you believe anybody could have done it. "If you were there and you were me, you would have done the same thing. It just seemed like...

Let the games begin

27016182 Philadelphia's population isn't growing, but its land mass is. Now 47 acres of riverfront property that didn't exist when Billy Penn drifted up the Delaware River has become a hot commodity -- and...

Paws for a cause

27016187 Tired of sitting in and counting the raindrops? An event this weekend could help cure cabin fever for both you and your dog. Just grab Fido, put on your favorite pair of...

Courage over cancer

Emma Wilson was 17 when bone cancer killed her mom. She was 49 when her dad died from lung cancer. And she was 53 when the same malignancy that struck her father...

The future is here

27016172 In a speech posted at the invaluable EVWorld.com, renewable energy advocate Scott Cronk decries the demise of the battery-powered electric car (it was almost a stillbirth, given how few were sold or leased)....

Voice of the people

27016162 Eva Peron, called "Evita" by those adoring and duped masses, the "shirtless" ones of Argentina, was a woman of remarkable determination, guile and wickedness. Argentina's renowned man of letters, Jorge Luis Borges, characterized...

Plenty to get hooked on

27016157 Finding Nemo G Opening tomorrow at area theaters Three-and-a-half reels out of four Disney/Pixar could easily cruise if it wanted to. After all, with the dearth of good family films these days, people will still...

Side kicks

27016142 We are in the first week of the barbecue season. Memorial Day is the official kickoff and summer is just three weeks away. As the season progresses, we can't think about preheating the...
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