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Mission not accomplished

26968027 Agent Cody Banks PG Opening tomorrow at area theaters Two reels out of four Agent Cody Banks is a mediocre movie and I hate mediocre movies even more than really bad ones. "Why?" you might...


25598747 Amici-Noi 236 Market St. 215-627-0588 Credit cards accepted Restrooms down a flight of stairs Last Wednesday evening, when the weather became a bit warmer, Edward and I decided to hop the bus to Old City...

Don’t Wine For France

Vive la France! Many Americans would beg to differ, especially these days. A boycott of all things fran�ais is sweeping the nation in light of France's refusal to back the United States in...

Foreign defense

26968037 Rule number one from a former Israeli Sea Commando and fourth-degree black belt in Krav Maga: "Don't get hurt," Amir Perets says with a smile. But if one is being physically attacked,...

High aims for high schools

25598782 More than half the freshman high-school students in the School District of Philadelphia failed ninth grade last year. Each year, roughly 20,000 students enter high school, but less than half of them will...


25598777 Growing up in West Philly, Marcus Mitchell knew the name Octavius V. Catto -- but not the history behind the namesake. Ironically, Catto was the name of a neighborhood school synonymous not with...

Doing a slow burn

25598772 Beyond the Water Department's Biosolids Recycling Center ... Down the road from one of the city's automobile impoundment lots ... Across the road from a shantytown built by a community of squatters sits...

Not-so-modern man

25598762 As the title of The Male Intellect: An Oxymoron? implies, the play is a study in chauvinism and "female ways." Actor/comedian Miles Stroth, in a 90-minute standup routine, does a remarkable job of switching...

Mission of conscience

I can think of few actors for whom the overused phrase "criminally underrated" really fits. It fits Bruce Willis like a groom's tuxedo on his wedding day. I mean, what does the dude have to...

Flurry of recipes

25598752 Boy, do I love a blizzard. Our telephone was ringing all day last Sunday, as friends wanted to know what I intended to cook during the snowstorm. There are special foods that I...
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