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Conspiracy theory

President Bush told us a month ago in his State of the Union speech that he wants to make his tax cut permanent and, at the same time, promised to cut the deficit in...

Same-sex marriage licenses

"I think it's against nature. I don't believe in ." John Siaranca, Woodstock Street and Passyunk Avenue "By my religious beliefs, because I'm Muslim, we don't believe in gay marriages. Catholics don't believe in...

25 reasons to vote for Bush

1. If your kid is gay, you won't have to worry about the expense of a wedding. 2. You always wanted to go to Mars. 3. You think steroid use among athletes is...

Child safety

"Parents should supervise their kids no matter what their age." Dan McGowan, 15th and Wolf streets "Under a certain age, children should be with their parents when going somewhere. Child molesters with a record...

The ends and the means

Listening to Vince Fumo in a radio interview last week reminded me of the old Robert Penn Warren novel All the King's Men. The Huey Long character explains that he might have been ethically...

Arena football

"I'm not really interested. I'm really a baseball and basketball fan." Marilyn DePieno, 2300 block S. Lambert Street "I'm a football fan, but I've just never watched it before. I'll be checking...

The joy of misery

A few weeks ago (before the Iowa caucus), a friend asked me if maybe my prediction that Howard Dean would get clobbered by George W. in November wasn't a bit harsh. See, I have this...

Presidential candidate preference

"I would vote for Bush. Being a Republican all these years, I think he is doing a tremendous job." Ron Kondred, 2600 block S. 12th Street "Kerry, because I like him the best." William...

25 reasons to get over it

There are many reasons you should get over the Eagles not going to the Super Bowl for another year. Here are some of them: 1. The sun will come up tomorrow. But then again, not...

High-profile trial

Photos by Jules Vuotto "Kobe Bryant, mainly because I'm a big sports fan and I think it's interesting to see what happens. He shouldn't have gotten himself in that situation." Ray DeJohn, 2600 block Dudley...
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