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Street administration federal investigation

Photos by Jules Vuotto "It is obviously quite important. The plan backfired and people are going to vote for the one they should instead of the other one." Alice Shockley, 1600 block Wharton Street "I...

Selling out and other pastimes

When feminists sold out their values in the face of President Clinton's womanizing, conservatives correctly called them on it, and so did this columnist. Don't look now, but it's these same conservatives who are selling...

FBI bug in Mayor Street’s office

Photos by Jules Vuotto "I was not going to vote for Street anyway ... after hearing about the bugging, he is still bad news. I will vote for Katz." Justin Cordero, 1900 block S....

A bunch of stuff

Republicans believe the recall of California Gov. Gray Davis would be a good thing. Davis is a hack, they say, who has mismanaged his state into huge deficits. Unlike Washington, D.C., where the huge...

State legal blood-alcohol limit

Photos by Jules Vuotto "It is a good idea. A high blood-alcohol level endangers everyone, but it is still a little too high." Bess Zirilli, 2500 block S. 20th Street "It is a good idea...


Many years ago, a former editor of this newspaper and I had a good-natured debate over the merits of the computer age. I vehemently argued the negative. My idea of a computer was the...

Mayoral vote

Photos by Jules Vuotto "I'm not going to vote for the same person -- we need a change. I'll vote for Katz. Life's about change and it's not about the streets and doing...

New Fall TV

Here's an inside look at the exciting television season ahead. (Warning: This season kicks it up a notch. No longer is it "Must-See TV," but the new slogan: "If I Missed It, I'd Kill...

Editor’s Little Notes

Writing was on the board After years of rumor and gossip, it's finally happening -- the merger of South Philly's only two Catholic high schools. Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua's signature this week...

Playing poorly

Photos by Jules Vuotto "The Eagles don't have enough talent and offensive players. They need to draft better." Chris Willing, 2800 block S. 11th Street "Donovan needs to throw accurately. The Eagles need to work...
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