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Turnabout is fair play

Is the "liberal" media unfairly burying the Bush administration? That's pretty much the way conservatives see the criticism of the failure to find weapons of mass destruction and the president's tax cut. Where Hillary...

Affirmative action

"Sure we do. It's hard for us to reach the Supreme Court on many issues, but I think we need affirmative action to make things equal-opportunity." Kathleen Lilly, 100 block Watkins Street "I think it does...

Iraq War justified

"Certainly. There were thousands of mass graves. I mean, do you want these people to nuke us?" Tom Newman, 2900 block S. Smedley Street "I think the reasons were shallow. They went in under false pretenses...

An odd addiction

I haven't seen a moth in my house for years. In fact, if there is an official definition of a "moth-free zone," my house is it. As far as I can tell, moths are an...

Hillary Clinton’s book

"I don't trust her. She wrote it to make everything look good for her in 2008." John Carbin, 1700 block S. Newkirk Street "I think it's great. She figures she has to get everything off her...

Race is not Street’s big problem

In a recent Inquirer column, Acel Moore proclaimed that a major factor in the closeness of this year's race for mayor is race. He finds that it defies "political logic" that incumbent Street is...

Reality TV

"I don't like them. I don't think they should have them on TV. I prefer to watch movies or musicals." Bart Mazzeo, 1900 block Olympia Place "It's about popularity. I watch The Bachelor. I think it's...

May daze

Gee, I'm glad they got that new powerful weather doppler at Channel 10 just in time to hype a nor'easter that masqueraded as just another rainy day in May. And now with Amy Freeze...

Larry Brown leaving

"I think it's time for a change, to get fresh blood in there. As for a coach, I don't know who's out there." Robert Drobnock, 2200 block Jackson Street "I thought maybe it might have been...

Prom night

OK, I admit it. I'm a square, a nerd from the '50s (I didn't even like Elvis). The last time I went to a prom was 43 years ago. So forgive me if I've...
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