Pennsylvania Primary Election 2024: Comprehensive Results Analysis

Election season is ramping up! With November not too far away, we’ve compiled this comprehensive report on Pennsylvania’s 2024 primary elections.

Check out the detailed outcomes across presidential, Senate, House, and state elections with in-depth analysis and candidate information.

Key Takeaways:

  • President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump have won their respective Democratic and Republican primaries, setting the stage for a 2020 rematch.
  • Incumbent Democratic Sen. Bob Casey and GOP candidate Dave McCormick lead their primaries uncontested. Various U.S. House districts also saw uncontested primaries.
  • There is high interest in state-level positions, highlighted by key wins such as Eugene DePasquale for Attorney General and Malcolm Kenyatta for Auditor General.

Presidential Race Set for a 2020 Rematch

The presidential primaries for the Democratic and Republican parties were mostly symbolic this year, with Joe Biden and Donald Trump being named presumptive nominees by the Associated Press.

Although Nikki Haley had withdrawn from the Republican race, her name remained on the ballot in Pennsylvania, reflecting an earlier stage of the campaign.

Democratic Primary for President: Joe Biden Secures Victory

  • Joe Biden (Winner, Incumbent): 945,712 votes, 87.1%
  • Dean Phillips: 69,307 votes, 6.4%
  • Write-ins: 60,445 votes, 5.6%

Republican Primary for President: Donald Trump Leads

  • Donald Trump (Winner): 792,692 votes, 82.5%
  • Nikki Haley: 158,178 votes, 16.5%

Pennsylvania U.S. Senate and House Races: Mostly Uncontested Primaries

In the Senate races, both Democratic Sen. Bob Casey and Republican Dave McCormick won their primaries uncontested, paving the way for their November face-off.

The U.S. House races also saw minimal competition, with most being uncontested. Out of Pennsylvania’s 17 congressional districts, only 6 had primaries with more than one candidate due to redistricting following the 2020 census.

Key Results in Contested Districts

  • 1st District: Brian Fitzpatrick (Republican Winner): 44,803 votes, 60.6%; Mark Houck: 28,089 votes, 38%
  • 3rd District: Dwight Evans (Democratic Winner, Incumbent): 93,069 votes, 86.9%; Tracey Gordon: 13,020 votes, 12.1%
  • 7th District: Ryan Mackenzie (Republican Winner): 23,488 votes, 42.2%; Kevin Dellicker: 18,780 votes, 33.7%; Maria Montero: 12,890 votes, 23.1%
  • 10th District: Janelle Stelson (Democratic Winner): 26,498 votes, 43%; competitors included Mike O’Brien and Shamaine Daniels
  • 12th District: Summer Lee (Democratic Winner, Incumbent): 64,165 votes, 59.7%; Bhavini Patel: 41,723 votes, 38.8%
  • 14th District: Chris Dziados (Democratic Winner): 28,692 votes, 51.8%; Ken Bach 25,902 votes, 46.7%

Statewide Office Contests: Attorney General, Auditor General, Treasurer

Attorney General Primary: DePasquale and Sunday Triumph

The attorney general race saw Eugene DePasquale win for the Democrats and Dave Sunday for the Republicans.

Auditor General and Treasurer: Fiscal Oversight and Management

The auditor general’s primary had Malcolm Kenyatta secure the Democratic nomination, and Timothy DeFoor ran uncontested for the Republicans.

For treasurer, Erin McClelland won the Democratic nomination against Ryan Bizzarro, while Stacy Garrity was unopposed on the Republican side.

Implications for the General Election

The primary results have established Pennsylvania as a key battleground state for November’s elections, with significant implications for both local and national politics.

As candidates prepare for the general elections, strategies will be refined, and campaigns will be intensified to secure victory in the upcoming electoral battles.

Remember to exercise your civic duty — every vote cast in the upcoming elections holds the power to steer Pennsylvania’s trajectory for years to come.