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Christmas glitz

The Christmas season brings with it many joys, but it also turns our area into a Yuletide version of the Las Vegas strip. It all began innocently enough with a few outdoor lights, but...

Logic, anyone?

Is it a good thing that President Bush is seeking the approval of the United Nations to oust Saddam Hussein? In so doing, Bush bowed to those who counseled that definitive proof is needed...

U.N. weapons inspections

"I think it's pretty much settled that we're going to war no matter what." James Bond, Front Street and Oregon Avenue "I don't think it'll have much impact. I don't even think they have nuclear warheads....

The lost art of conversation

It is well established that nobody writes well anymore. Ask a college English instructor to tell you how many of his students can write a couple of simple paragraphs that have all the necessary...

Eminem and other confections

I must confess that I'm not very astute about forecasting the next superstar. When Elvis made a hit of Hound Dog, I preferred the version by Freddie Bell and the Bellboys. I was even...

Looie’s advice

I was in my favorite diner, sitting at the counter with a nice strong cup of coffee, when Looie came in and sat down beside me. Looie, as you might remember, is my favorite...

The good old days

My sainted Aunt Millie used to say that everything repeats itself. At the time I first heard her say it, I was 12 years old and had just burped at the dinner table. It...

Republican majority

Photos by Jules Vuotto "As a Democrat, I don't feel as though the Republicans are for the working people." Vera Poitier, 1400 block S. 18th Street "It's going to give George Bush a bigger...

An honorable man

They held the election in Minnesota on Tuesday without Paul Wellstone. The name isn't well known around these parts, so not many of us mourned the fact. He was a United States senator, and he...

Holiday rush

Photos by Jules Vuotto "I think they force Christmas on us too early." Evelyn McCrae, 1700 block S. 25th Street "I think it's too early. They should start around the middle of November." Jose Santiago,...
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