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California govenor election

Photos by Jules Vuotto "I think Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to get in. It looks like he's the best candidate, and I'm sure he has money for the campaign." Cheryl Smith, 2900 block S. Norwood...

Is Saddam Hussein still alive?

Photos by Jules Vuotto "I think he might already be dead. If not, we should kill him on the spot." Curtis Lawton, 4500 block Chester Avenue "Yeah, he's alive. I don't think he would allow...

Plan B

The ad on the travel page of the daily newspaper read "Plan B." The advertisement was a clever way to get you to consider Quebec City as a travel destination this summer. The ad...

Saddam Hussein’s sons

Photos by Jules Vuotto "I think it was them. The pictures were in good taste." Novella Harrison, 1800 block Race Street "It's hard to say. They could have been body-doubles. At this point, the U.S. had to...

Food ban at Linc

"It's crazy! We should be able to bring our own food." Tasha Williamson, Sixth and Cantrell streets "They're jacking up the prices! There's no security risk. What are you going to do, bring in a gun...

The slippery slope

Here's what I don't understand. Conservatives are supposed to be for individual freedom. Some of them get upset when the government aids the poor because then what happens to the freedom to starve? Conservatives are...

State of the Union address

"I never thought they had them there in the first place. But the president is just like anyone else -- he made a mistake." Timothy Eaddy, 2100 block Webster Street "I believe that everything happens for...

St. Anthony and the president

My Uncle Nunzi says everything with this president is missing. He can't find weapons of mass destruction. He can't find Osama bin Laden. He can't find Saddam. This administration has been all about looking...

Allegation against Kobe Bryant

"I don't really think he had anything to do with it. I think someone is just trying to bring him down. It doesn't change my opinion of him because I think they are two...

The incredible hulking lip

Pardon me if I have trouble taking The Hulk seriously. It has nothing to do with film snobbery. When it's on HBO, I'm sure I'll watch it and enjoy it for what it is,...
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