3 new exhibitions at Da Vinci

The Da Vinci Art Alliance will be a busy place with three new exhibitions coming to light in the next few weeks.

A pop-up exhibition called Transitions by Alessandra Stradella, new work called Altered Terrain: Changes & Consequences by Rosemary Luckett and a DVAA group project called When the Light Comes In will all be unveiled starting May 31 at the Da Vinci Art Alliance at 704 Catharine St.

Stradella’s work, which raises money for the Bethesda Project, will only be viewable until June 4. Stradella is a Venice, Italy native who now lives in Philadelphia as a philosophy professor, with a specialization in Philosophy of Art and Aesthetics.

According to the DVAA, “Stradella is in a moment of transition. Of Transitions, in fact. And, by reflecting on what she’s accomplished so far, all the people she’s met, all the beauty she’s known, the places she’s holding on to and letting go of, Stradella wants to give back. Specifically, Stradella wants to give back so that others can also transition.”

Forty percent of the money raised through show sales will go to the Bethesda Project, which, according to its website, operates a continuum of care throughout Center City utilizing a Housing First approach that minimizes barriers to access and allows each individual to take their own journey of healing at one’s own pace. It also provides guests and residents with individualized case management that helps guests and residents become more stably housed and increases their overall independence.

Running until June 18 will be Luckett’s work Altered Terrain: Changes & Consequences. The Idaho native progressed from pairing to using small collages and paintings as springboards to larger wood and found objects, assemblages and sculptures. These reveal her interest in archetypal portrayals, gender bias issues and the feminine face of the divine.

According to the DVAA, “Altered Terrain: Changes & Consequences uses a language of images that tell stories of human changes in the earthly landscapes we call our home. Thinking like a surrealist/biologist/up-cycler, Luckett pairs light bulbs with jawbones, forks with planet Earth, rubber duckies and live ducks and sextants with tractor shovel loaders, to name a few. Luckett’s work points to the invisible hiding within the visible changing landscape.”

Running at the same time is a group exhibition by members of the Alliance. 

When the Light Comes In is described as “drawing inspiration from the obscurant and illuminating power of the window. As a portal between inside and outside, the window plays a large role in the construction of internal space. By allowing and limiting light into a space, the window determines what can be seen – both from inside and from outside. Giving way to sunlight, the window illuminates form and constructs a visible reality. Coming in at different angles, and shifting constantly with the rotation of the earth, the perspective and shadows cast by sunlight are ever changing. Artists have frequently harnessed the metaphor of the window when referring to the picture plane or to the crop of the photographic image, crediting it with providing the opportunity to control what is included in an artwork. The artists in this exhibition expand upon that notion to capture the fleeting moments when light breaks through openings and crevices.”

An opening reception for all three exhibitions will be held on June 3 from 4-7 p.m.