Da Vinci celebrates former member DiFalco

The Da Vinci Art Alliance will celebrate the work of former member Jerry DiFalco with his exhibition Visual Poetry.

DiFalco’s exhibition will run from Feb. 1-18 at the Da Vinci Art Alliance, 704 Catharine St., with an opening reception on Feb. 3 from 4-7 p.m.

This exhibition “recreates” the spare bedroom DiFalco used as his studio. Besides a selection of his artwork, there are strategically placed artifacts, such as paintbrushes, tools and Jerry’s iconic red beret, all arranged in an iconic manner. It is a memorial to Jerry as well as a memorial to his involvement with the Da Vinci Art Alliance and with the Fleisher Art Memorial across the street.

DiFalco, a Camden native, was a member of the Da Vinci Art Alliance from 1997-2007. He was a painter, sculptor, photographer and printmaker who created a diverse body of work he called “visual poetry.”

In 2009 he began working at the Fleisher Art Memorial as a printshop monitor and artists’ mentor. Earning a BFA from Rutgers and an MS from Drexel, he was inspired by a wide range of disciplines: architecture, history, religion, folklore, ancient culture, mysticism, archaeology, the cinema and mythology. His work invited the viewer to see beyond the ordinary into the extraordinary via scenes and objects from day-to-day experience.