Letters to the Editor

Stop the violence

Police killings and violence have been increasing across the USA since 2020 during and after COVID-19. But in some cases besides the police officers making a horrifying mistake with shooting an unarmed person, the killings are amongst our own black and brown people. We are harming each other without hesitation or restraint. And most to all of the murders are being committed by guns. Here in Philadelphia, a solution that will help is the banning of ghost guns. On Jan. 17, the Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee approved House Bill 777, sponsored by state Reps. Malcolm Kenyatta (D-181st dist.) and Morgan Cephas (D-192nd dist.). 

The bill closes a loophole in state law to prohibit the production or sale of “ghost gun” components. Either sold separately or in kits that are easily accessed and assembled to make a gun, these parts lack serial numbers and are untraceable in future investigations. Ghost guns are a way for people who are not legally allowed to possess a firearm to evade detection and background checks. At the end of the day, our black, Hispanic, Asian or Pacific Islander civilians have to stop this senseless violent crime crisis. 

Alim Howell

Not too late for Valentine’s plans

What fun it was to read Mark Zimmaro’s report on all the wonderful activities and ideas offered by nearby businesses to help make Valentine’s Day special (“Valentine’s Day is saved,” Feb. 7).

He included, among other eating places, The Dutch, which is a popular restaurant in my Passyunk Crossing neighborhood.

Am also glad he mentioned Townsend EPX which is right around the corner on Passyunk Avenue. Their menu is filled with tempting dishes.

And the list goes on: places to eat; places to buy gifts; and places to just have fun. I was especially surprised to read about romantic cruises taking off from Penn’s Landing. Wow.

I really hope that anyone who had questions about where to take or where to buy a gift for a special Valentine was able to read this list of romantic suggestions.

Many thanks to Mark Zimmaro for supplying all this special information in advance of Valentine’s Day. 

Gloria C. Endres