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Cardella: What Happened To An Abundance of Caution?

The number of COVID cases in this town is rising. The risk level has risen to medium. Philadelphia schools have returned to masking. No time to panic, but the warning signs are up. But...

Cardella: Unfinished Business

The ATV dirt bikes continue to wreak havoc on our streets. Two recent accidents involving the dirt bikes — one resulting in death to a 17-year-old skateboarder — shouldn’t surprise anyone. The ATV dirt bikes...

Cardella: Mourning in South Philly

My family always had a unique reaction to death. Dad would never say a bad word about someone who’d died. Never. No matter how evil a life a person had led, in dad’s mind,...

Why I Chose Life

With all the news about protests over a possible overturning of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court, I could not help but be reminded of all the grief I had trying to conceive...

Grassroots democracy

This is the time of year when wards across Philadelphia make their candidate endorsements for the upcoming primary on May 17. Both Republicans and Democrats engage in this process. Recently, Democratic ward leaders in...

Letter to the Editor: Dr. Nche Zama for governor

Throughout my life and career, I have actively worked on behalf of and watched many candidates run for PA governor. I have heard many of them speak as to why they believe they should...

Letter to the Editor: Michael Giangiordano for state representative

I want to wish Mike Giangiordano all the best in running in the May 17 election for state representative in the 184th district. He would be a great state rep for all of us...

Letter to the Editor: Thanks for the lights

I have lived in South Philadelphia my whole life, and my children played sports at SEYAA growing up, at which time I became a volunteer. I spend a lot of time at the fields...

Cardella: Be Careful What You Wish For

If the leaked Supreme Court document winds up as the final decision, Roe v. Wade is dead. And while the right wing is rejoicing in victory at the moment, their joy may turn out...

Fixing fertility coverage

In a world where roughly one in 10 people struggles with infertility, one may think that treatments would be affordable and accessible. But, sadly, that’s not the case. At least not in Pennsylvania.  Infertility affects...
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