Letter to the Editor

Invest in crime prevention

In keeping with recent movements to make Philadelphia’s streets safer especially for children and teens, it is encouraging to read Mark Zimmaro’s report on recent actions taken by City Councilmember Kenyatta Johnson (“Johnson prioritizes youth, anti-violence programs,” June 14).

As they say, it is always about the money – how much and in what way it is spent. Johnson believes it must be substantial and spent on prevention rather than just cleaning up after the violence happens. And of course he is right.

I am glad Johnson included supporting education in the list of preventive actions that include mental health, work skills and community development. In fact, it is in schools that all these programs can and should be found.

All young people need nutritional, emotional, intellectual and vocational support as they grow. These experiences should be found in all areas of their lives, especially in the home. Unfortunately this is too often not the case.

That is why we must support programs like those in Johnson’s plan, rightly called “Save our Youth.” Let’s hope and pray that, by the time you are reading this letter, City Council approves and finances Johnson’s plan. Prevention is always better and less expensive than cure.

Gloria C. Endres