Letters to the Editor

Rest in peace, Tom Cardella

It was with deep regret that I learned of the passing of iconic columnist Tom Cardella. I have many memories of exchanging ideas and opinions with Tom through the editorial pages of the South Philly Review.

Tom’s weekly columns were always meant to stir things up and they succeeded. He was unafraid to express his true opinion. I recall tangling with him on several topics. It was fun!

As a lifelong resident of South Philly and a faithful reader of the Review, I can safely say that the South Philly Review will not be the same without his weekly opinion pieces.

Sincere condolences to Tom’s loved ones. May he rest in peace. Or maybe he will be stirring things up in heaven. Nothing would surprise me.

Gloria C. Endres

God Bless America and Kate Smith

I grew up in my grandmother’s happy home with a loving family, a host of crazy angora kittens capable of scarring me for life and one unforgettable extraordinary person, Aunt Annie. My aunt, born with Down syndrome, was a forever 5-year-old, who unlike most adults could down a pot of coffee without suffering the unavoidable side effects from a jolt of caffeine. We grew up together at a time that seems incomprehensible to this modern age of people and technology. Our days were filled with crayons, coloring books and playing the card game War, along with admiring Aunt Annie’s proud display of her backward writing skills, which we were in no way eager to duplicate. One thing that I will never forget, and that she would have never understood, is the cruel treatment that turned the world against her favorite singer, Kate Smith. Whenever Kate Smith appeared on our black and white TV screen bolting out her rendition of God Bless America, Aunt Annie would jump up from her chair, spread her arms out to the side, airplane wing-style, to accompany her favorite singer in honoring our great country. She sang out with all her heart, not missing a beat, while we watched in awe, until enthusiastically joining her in the great finale of applause. Such happiness is one of the greatest memories of Aunt Annie that will live forever in my heart. No matter what the opinion of others may be, I will always be grateful for the joy Kate Smith brought to this precious soul. Maybe she wasn’t so bad after all. God Bless America.

Maria D’aponte

Pave the streets

I guess the idiot in charge of removing the asphalt on east/west streets on the east side of Broad Street in South Philly was fired because it’s been weeks and no repaving has begun.

This is ridiculous, driving is like driving through a war zone with all the utility covers and holes in the streets. Wouldn’t you think they would start one street and finish before they start another.  Makes no difference because there has been no movement in weeks.

This is no way to run an airline, as they used to say.

Nancy Cappiello

A fast and strong I-95 rebuild

The I-95 bridge collapse on Sunday, June 11, was a traumatic shock. It is very unfortunate that Nathan Moody’s life was lost through the dramatic accident. It is tremendous that Gov. Josh Shapiro, Secretary of Transportation Michael Carroll and team announced the fast pace of the rebuilding of the interstate with strong infrastructure.

Also with the leadership of the Pennsylvania State Police officers and Pennsylvania Department of Transportation officials, putting efforts on making the roads easier to navigate until permanent fixtures to the damaged portions.

Hopefully with the rebuilding a huge accident like this can be avoided.

Alim Howell